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Sludge and Sediment Samplers

AMS meets the challenge of recovering representative samples of saturated materials by offering a variety of sludge and sediment sampling products.
AMS sludge and sediment samplers are designed to retain samples from non-cohesive materials, including underwater sediment in shallow lakes, streams, and various types of impoundments. They can be used to take undisturbed samples for geotechnical analysis and are capable of taking high-quality samples for chemical analysis.
They are primarily used for shallow sampling – up to 10 feet in the right conditions – but deeper samples may be collected from pre-augered holes. AMS sludge and sediment samplers may be used with or without liners and are very portable.

sand sludge sediment probe 1 Sand Sludge Sediment Probe

The NEW AMS Replaceable Tip Sand/Loose Sediment Soil Probe is ideal for obtaining unconsolidated soil samples in a 1” x 24” poly liner. The soil probe is equipped with a 1” core catcher which ensures full sample recovery in the proper soil conditions. Probe includes 1” x 24” Probe body, 10” comfortably gripped cross handle, replaceable tip, 1” core catcher, 1” x 24” plastic liner, and two 1” plastic end caps and a spanner wrench.

sludge sediment sampler threaded Sludge and Sediment Samplers

Specifically designed to retain non-cohesive sludge samples. Similar to the AMS soil core sampler, this sampler comes with core and auger tips that have been fitted with valves for retention of high quality soil core samples in non-cohesive, saturated materials. Versatile and easy to use for collection of either cored or augered samples of non-cohesive saturated materials in a liner. Includes: Solid cap, valved core tip, valved auger tip, universal slip wrench, plastic end caps, sludge cylin....

multi stage sludge sediment sampler 403-31 Multi-Stage Sludge and Sediment Sampler

Easily collect sediment or sludge with a technically enhanced core tip and cap. The AMS "valved core tip" fills the sampler without losing the sample upon retrieval. The sampler uses a disposable plastic soil catcher that fits on the end of a 2" x 12" plastic liner. The core tip allows the plastic soil core catcher and liner to fit snuggly over the lip of the core tip. Once the soil core catacher and liner are placed on the core tip they are loaded into a standard multi-stage base section and....

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