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Soil Probes

AMS soil probes are the most basic soil sampling tool for agronomists, geologists, agricultural consultants, farmers and other soil scientists.

Like all AMS sampling equipment, AMS soil probes are robust and easy to use. Most are used to collect small diameter samples at or near the ground surface. They allow you to provide a quick soil profile or description, and to determine soil moisture content. Samples may also be collected directly into a liner with some models to allow for later chemical analysis of the soil sample.

All AMS probes cut a core sample slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the probe body to allow for easy removal of the core from the cylinder. They are made of nickel-plated or unplated chrome molybdenum type 4130, or are all stainless steel. All probes also feature a heat-treated tip, and replaceable tip options are available.

AMS Mini Soil Probe Kit Model 4 Mini Soil Probe Kits

Offer you a small compact solution for your soil sampling needs. All of the components in these kits are interchangeable and fit inside of a small compact aluminum carrying case (sold separately). The soil probes in these kits measure 1” – dia. X 14” length w/ 12” long sample slot and are constructed of thick (.109w) chromoly steel and have been nickel plated for corrosion resistance. All soil probes have a chamfered plug welded in at the top of the slot. The augers measure 1.250” – dia. X ....

1" X 14" Replaceable Tip Probe W/12" Sample Slot 1" X 14" Replaceable Tip Probe W/12" Sample Slot

This mini soil probe measures 1” – dia. X 14” length w/ 12” long sample slot and is constructed of thick (.109w) chromoly steel and has been nickel plated for corrosion resistance. The soil probe has a chamfered plug welded in at the top of the slot. The cross handle is powder coated chromoly and measures 1” –dia. X 10” long and has rubber grips for operator comfort. The tip is replaceable and the soil probe includes one standard tip and a spanner wrench. Different tips are available for a v....

EZ Eject Soil Probes EZ Eject Soil Probe

This unique soil probe ejects soil samples quickly & efficiently. Each probe has its own internal piston with side handle. This built-in hand plunger allows you to eject the entire soil sample from the slot and even through the tip of the probe. Twist the side handle clockwise to lock the piston in place. For a full 12” core, the piston should be locked in place at the top of the slot. For depth specific samples, the piston may be locked in place anywhere inside the slot. Twist the handle ....

EZ Kleen Soil Probe EZ Kleen Soil Probe

AMS EZ Kleen Soil Probes have been designed facilitate easy soil core extraction. Unlike standard slotted soil probes; the easy clean has a specialized heat treated tip designed to reduce friction as the soil enters the probe body. The sample slot has also been moved closer to the tip which allows soil to be ejected with ease. “No more clogging at the tip of the soil probe!” This soil probe is constructed of 4130 chrome molybdenum steel and has been nickel plated for corrosion resistance. ....

Soil Compaction Tester Soil Compaction Tester

Get the best crop yield by measuring the extent and depth of subsurface compaction. Features: 24” stainless steel rod with adjustable shock collar to prevent damage to gauge during transport or storage Easy to read, color-coated, stainless steel dial that is liquid filled to reduce shock Durable molded housing with rubber grip handles Large and small tip included with convenient storage in tester housing Hanger hole with nail included for easy storage on wall or above workbench Spec....

Compacted Soil Sampler Complete whole kit Compacted Soil Sampler Complete

Save time and energy in soil conditions where soil probes & slide hammers just won’t get the job done! The AMS Compacted Soil Sampler works great for obtaining “composite” soil samples in hard compacted and frozen soils. The 1-1/16” x 21” Flighted Auger with carbide bit may be connected to any ½” chuck drill. The entire unit assembles/disassembles in seconds & the stainless steel footplate ensures quality samples & easy decontamination. Kit Includes: (1-1/16” x 21” Flighted Auger w/ Carbi....

regular soil probe 401-02 Regular Soil Probes

AMS Regular Soil Probes feature a window slot in the cylinder of the probe for easy sample recovery. These probes are used without a liner and are available in two diameters and three lengths. Unplated, or rust-resistant nickel-plated or stainless steel models are available. All AMS probes are made of a sturdy design that prevents the probe from bending or twisting out of shape. Regular soil probes also include a removable, corrosion-resistant 10" cross-handle with comfortable grips. AMS a....

step probe 401-40 soil sampler probe step handle Regular Step Soil Probes

AMS Regular Step Soil Probes provide an easy way to recover shallow soil samples into a slotted probe body in one simple step. This probe is similar to the AMS regular soil probe, but it comes with a built-in step that allows for additional pressure to help drive the sampler body into the ground. These nickel-plated, rust-resistant step probes are designed to be used without liners and are available in one-piece and two-piece models. Both models include the slotted probe body, a built in step....

replaceable tip regular soil probe 425-50 tip probe slot extension handle Replaceable Tip Regular Soil Probe

The AMS Replaceable Tip Soil Probe is rugged, durable, and economical. The replaceable tip probe comes with an AMS regular coring tip, but can also accommodate other AMS probe tips. It is made of a heavy 4130 alloy steel, chrome plated, and fitted with a removable, heat treated tip for durability and ease of replacement. The probes includes a 10" comfortably-gripped cross handle, and are compatible with AMS 5/8" Threaded Slide Hammers and extensions for deeper sampling in tough areas. If u....

soil recovery soil probe 424-45 Soil Recovery Probes

AMS soil recovery probes do not have a slotted window in the body and can be used with liners. AMS soil recovery probes include the probe body, top cap, 10" comfortably-gripped cross handle, a plastic liner, and two plastic end caps. Note: Soil recovery probes feature the exclusive AMS "Reach and Grab" system. The specially threaded top cap allows the liner to protrude from the top of the soil probe body. This system allows you to easily remove the liner without disturbing the sample. Not....

replaceable tip soil recovery soil probe 425-47 tip liner probe body cap handle Replaceable Tip Soil Recovery Probes

AMS Replaceable Tip Soil Recovery Probes are used with liners, and feature a tip that can be replaced after heavy use. The probe may also be used with option AMS soil probe tips for application in varying soil conditions. Replaceable tip soil recovery probes include the probe body, top cap, 10" comfortably-gripped cross handle, a plastic liner, two plastic end caps, a replaceable coring tip, and a spanner wrench. The 1 1/4" diameter soil probes are available in either a 12" or 24" lengths. ....

dual purpose soil probe 424-19 Dual-Purpose Soil Recovery Probes

AMS Dual-Purpose Soil Recovery Probes can be used with or without liners! AMS dual-purpose soil recovery probes include the slotted soil probe body, top cap, 10" cross handle, a plastic liner, and 2 plastic end caps. The probe body has a window slot that allows for direct observation of the soil samples after the soil samples have been collect either directly into the soil probe body or into a plastic liner. These probes also feature the AMS "Reach and Grab" system that consists of a speciall....

dual purpose replaceable tip soil probe 425-65 Dual-Purpose Replaceable-Tip Soil Recovery Probes

AMS Dual-Purpose Replaceable-Tip Soil Recovery Probes can be used with or without liners, and allow for the tip of the soil probe to be replaced after heavy use, or used with optional AMS tips for better results in various soil lithologies! AMS Dual-Purpose Replaceable-Tip Soil Recovery Probes include a slotted probe body, top cap, 10" comfortably gripped cross handle, a replaceable coring tip, spanner wrench, plastic liner, and two plastic end caps. The window slot in the cylinder allows you....

sand sludge sediment probe 1 Sand Sludge Sediment Probe

The NEW AMS Replaceable Tip Sand/Loose Sediment Soil Probe is ideal for obtaining unconsolidated soil samples in a 1” x 24” poly liner. The soil probe is equipped with a 1” core catcher which ensures full sample recovery in the proper soil conditions. Probe includes 1” x 24” Probe body, 10” comfortably gripped cross handle, replaceable tip, 1” core catcher, 1” x 24” plastic liner, and two 1” plastic end caps and a spanner wrench.

open-ended soil probe 401-10 Open End Soil Probes

Open End Soil Probes allow you to take shallow samples and are primarily used in agricultural applications. The AMS open end soil probe collects a 1" diameter sample that is about 15" long. The probe is made of nickel-plated, 4130 chrome molybdenum steel. The slot in the cylinder is cut all the way through the end of the probe to facilitate emptying of the soil sample. The open end soil probe includes the probe body and a comfortably-gripped cross handle.

one-piece turf profiler soil probe 427-75 Turf Profiler

Collect a replaceable wedge of your sample in one easy step! The AMS Turf Profiler lets you collect a replaceable wedge-shaped soil sample to assess moisture content, root structure, pest presence or chemical composition for your grass, greens and turf. This all stainless steel, one-piece, grass and turf soil profiler collects a soil sample that is 3 1/2" wide, 1" thick, and up to 7" deep, and it has a detachable plate face plate. It is ideal for obtaining quick, easy examination of the root....

one-piece turf probe soil probe 427-24 Turf Probe

Minimize damage to turf with the small diameter turf probe. The AMS Turf Probe has been designed to collect a 1/2" x 7" soil sample from grass and turf. The small diameter helps you minimize damage to your greens, and the slot of the turf probe allows for easy visual inspection, emptying and cleaning. The one-piece probe is made of nickel-plated carbon steel and has a built-in, corrosion resistant, 10" rubber-gripped cross handle. The sturdy design resists bending and twisting. The heat-treat....

Golf and Turf Soil Moisture Sampling Kit TDR 300 Turf Soil Moisture Meters

Turf Soil Moisture Meters provide instantaneous readings of root zone soil moisture. They are based on proven time-domain measurement technology. These portable units accurately measure soil moisture across the full range of soil moisture conditions. Select from the 4.8 or 8-inch (12 or 20-cm) probe rods to suit your desired depth measurement. TDR 300 Meters connect to any GPS receiver with serial output.* It is equipped with internal data logger and RS-232 port, and can record 3,250 measu....

brown moisture probe agricultural sampler 402-95 Brown Moisture Probe

The AMS Brown Moisture Probe is a modified tile probe used primarily by agricultureal scientists and farmers to survey soil to depths of about 3-ft for the purpose of determining the depth of soil moisture storage following irrigation. The probe offers visual confirmation of soil moisture conditions, and this data is used to help determine crop yield goals, planting decisions, irrigation water and fertilizer application rates. The brown moisture soil probe has a modified auger tip and dept....

tile probe soil probes all Tile Probes

Ideal for locating buried pipes, underground tanks or utility lines. AMS tile probes are available in two types of material: 1) high carbon stress relieved 3/8" steel rod or 2) 5/8" fiberglass. The steel tile probes are available as a one-piece or two-piece unit with a 10" comfortably gripped cross handle (2-piece cross handle is detachable), and an oversized ball tip for sensitivity and easy soil penetration. The 48" fiberglass tile probe features a built-in 9" fiberglass comfortably gri....

extendible tile probe soil probe 403-06 tip extension adapter handle Extendible Tile Probes

Probe up to 20' with extensions! AMS extendible tile probes are made from high carbon stress relieved steel and are not plated. Designed for probing depths of 12' or more, they may also be used to prepare holes for insertion of small diameter soil or or gas vapor probes. At deeper depths, use an AMS slide hammer or compact slide hammer. Tile Probe Complete Includes: Base extension (3' or 4' option), tip, hammer adapter, 10" comfortably gripped cross handle.....

ams gator probe soil probe 401-45-cut-1 Gator Probe

The AMS Gator Probe was designed with operator comfort & efficiency in mind.  This one of a kind soil probe offers the benefits of a “closed end” soil probe, but the hinged jaw quickly transforms the unit into an “Open Ended” soil probe providing easy access to the entire soil core.  Outfitted with a side footpeg allows the user to easily step the probe into the ground. The gator probe is ideal for composite sampling or field extraction of representative cores for subsequent analysis by a soil l....

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