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Soil Core Samplers

Soil core sampling equipment is used to collect virtually undisturbed soil core samples for soil profiling and environmental investigations.

AMS offers soil core samplers, split soil core samplers, and multi-stage soil core samplers. All of these quality soil core sampling tools allow the user to collect soil core samples into removable liners. The split core soil core sampler also allows the user to open the soil core sampler body to view the soil core after sampling.

Soil core samples may be collected at the surface or from a pre-augered borehole.

To collect small diameter, soil cores at or near the subsurface, AMS also offers a variety of soil probes that may be used with or without liners.

*Note: When sampling from a borehole, AMS recommends using a planer auger to remove loose dirt from the borehole prior to retrieving your soil core sample.

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Bulk Density Kit with Hammerhead Cross Bulk Density Soil Sampling Kit

This unique sampling kit comes with everything necessary to take accurate interval specific core samples to a depth of 3ft. The kit is ideal for sampling the soil surface, in auger holes or in profile pits. The Soil Sample Rings found in this kit are made from .062w SST tubing. These SST sample rings are ideal for laboratory studies and for undisturbed core samples. The volume of each 2” x 2” SST ring is 90.59 cubic centimeters. From this known volume and the weight of the sample liner, you wi....

soil recovery auger 421-05 with liner end caps slip wrench Soil Recovery Augers

Use this soil auger to auger and collect soil core samples at the same time. The AMS soil recovery auger is a special dual-purpose tool that allows the user to auger an access hole to a desired depth. After reaching the sampling point, the user may then insert a liner into the soil recovery auger to collect a soil core sample. This versatile soil auger AND sampler can be used for soil profiling, particle distribution and environmental site investigations. Includes: soil recovery auger cyli....

soil core soil sampler 354-26 liner end caps slide hammer Soil Core Samplers

AMS Soil Core Samplers allow you to collect relatively undisturbed soil core samples from the subsurface or from pre-augered boreholes. AMS soil core samplers collect relatively undisturbed soil core samples into liners that may be easily transferred to a lab for soil profiling or chemical analysis. The liner may also be extruded in the field for examination of the soil core sample. Soil core samples are available in carbon steel or stainless steel, and are sized by the outside diameter of th....

split soil core soil sampler 403-40 Split Soil Core Samplers

Use the AMS Split Soil Core Samplers to easily extract relatively undisturbed soil core samples. The split soil core sampler has a vertically split cylinder. You can use the split soil core sampler without a liner to collect relatively undisturbed soil cores for immediate field examination and testing. Or, it can be used with a liner for collection of relatively undisturbed, sealed soil core samples that are suitable for EPA Level III or Level IV soil analysis. Split soil core samplers inclu....

multi stage soil core soil sampler 403-27 Multi-Stage Soil Core Sampler

The AMS Multi-Stage Soil Core Sampler allows you to collect soil core samples of various lengths! This stainless steel extendable soil core sampler collects 2" soil core samples up to 48" deep when the optional 12" multi-stage soil core sampler cylinder sections are attached. The complete multi-stage soil core sampler includes: Multi-Stage Soil Core Sampler base, solid cap, soil core tip, auger tip, 2" x 12" plastic liner, 2 plastic end caps and universal slip wrench. *Order the optional ....

ess core n one disposable soil core sampler 19082 19083 ESS Core N' OneTM - Disposable Soil Core Sampler

The ESS Core N' OneTM disposable soil core sampler is the easiest way to sample and transport 5 grams of undisturbed soil samples for US EPA Method 5035. CNO is both a soil collection and transport container. CNO capsule incorporates an extruding feature; no need for expensive tools. Threaded septa closure insures air tight seal. CNO handle is strong, economical and easy to use. Each capsule comes in a heavy gauge zip lock bag with attached ESS sample label. ....

ess lock n load disposable soil core sampler 19080 19081 ESS Lock N' LoadTM - Disposable Soil Core Sampler

The ESS Lock N' LoadTM disposable soil core sampler is the easiest way to collect undisturbed, measured soil cores for field preservation techniques for EPA Method 5035. Handle locks at 5 and 10 gram settings with one easy turn Beveled edge syringe is stronger than cut syringes and fits in the neck of 40 ml glass vials Turn handle and push to dispense soil into the vial. Soil dispensing is done without removing the syringe Strong, accurate, easy and economical Lock N' Load handle and syri....

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