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Rocky Soil Screw Augers

AMS Rocky Soil Screw Augers, with their heavy-duty design and extra large pilot tips, can easily drill through hard, rocky soils.

The AMS Rocky Soil Screw Augers are heavy duty soil augers designed for use with rotary hammer drills. They are made from heat treated high carbon steel and have oversized tungsten carbide-surfaced bits. These soil augers are typically used to penetrate very hard, rocky soils, asphalt and concrete.

Rocky Soil Screw AugersQuantity
214.28 Hawera 2" x 17" x 22" Splined Carbide Bit 5.20 lb $261.70
214.30 2" Hawera Carbide Bit Sds Max 9.34 lb $323.00

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drill echo edr210 gas drill 213-81

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