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Edelman Combination Augers

Edelman Combination Augers are used in a variety of soil conditions.

The combination auger type gets a reasonably good hold of sandy material while more cohesive muds and clay soils can be fairly easily removed from the auger body. The bits of Edelman Combination Augers are made of durable, hand-forged steel, that help to prevent the contamination of the soil samples.

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* AMS has worked with Eijkelkamp to create the new line of AMS Edelman Augers. These augers feature Eijkelkamp's quality auger bodies combined with the versatility of AMS connection systems. Eijkelkamp Edelman Combination Augers are widely used for the study of soil composition, profile, and soil mapping.

Signature Series, Edelman Combination AugersQuantity
401.67 2" Edelman combination Auger w/signature series 0.65 lb $198.00
401.70 2 3/4" Edelman Combination Auger w/ Signature Series 1.10 lb $203.50
401.73 4" Edelman Combination Auger w/ Signature Series 1.65 lb $220.30
401.76 6" Edelman Combination Auger w/ Signature Series 2.85 lb $260.60
5/8" Threaded, Edelman Combination AugersQuantity
401.66 2" Edelman Combination Auger w/5/8" Thread 0.65 lb $187.20
401.69 2 3/4" Edelman Combination Auger w/ 5/8" Thread 1.10 lb $192.80
401.72 4" Edelman Combination Auger w/ 5/8" Thread 1.65 lb $209.60
401.75 6" Edelman Combination Auger w/ 5/8" Thread 2.85 lb $249.90
Quick Connect, Edelman Combination AugersQuantity
401.68 2" Edelman Combination Auger w/ QC 0.65 lb $203.20
401.71 2 3/4" Edelman Combination Auger w/ QC 1.10 lb $208.90
401.74 4" Edelman Combination Auger w/ QC 1.65 lb $225.60
401.77 6" Edelman Combination Auger w/ QC 2.85 lb $266.00

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