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Open-Face Augers

The unique design of the open-face auger allows for quicker penetration into combination soils.

The cutting head of the AMS open-face auger helps the auger pull itself into the ground with little effort and yields quicker soil penetration. Because of its cutting head, and because its cylinder is made of thick, 10 gauge, high carbon steel, the open-face auger is especially useful in tough combination soils – from mud and clay to hard-pan. The open-face design also allows for a quick visual profile of the soil sample and for easy soil extraction. *Note: for even easier soil removal, try the AMS Idaho Spoon.

Please make sure any AMS samplers you intend to use together share a common connection type. See Connection Types for more information.

Signature Series, Open-Face AugersQuantity
400.57 2 1/2" Signature Open Faced Auger 1.29 lb $198.30
5/8" Threaded, Open-Face AugersQuantity
400.55 2 1/2" Open Faced Auger 1.29 lb $187.60
Quick Connect, Open-Face AugersQuantity
400.56 2 1/2" QC Open Faced Auger 1.70 lb $203.60

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Cross Handles

AMS Signature Professional National Course and Quick Connect Extensions


one-piece open-face soil auger 400-54 head handle
One-Piece Open-Face Augers

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Idaho Spoon

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