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One-Piece Open-Face Augers

The one-piece design of the One-Piece Open-Face Auger is all you need to penetrate to depth in combination soils.

The thick and sharp design of this versatile, 10 gauge, high carbon steel, one-piece open-face soil auger provides a robust complete soil auger system with an aggressive cutting head to yielding quicker soil penetration. The unique design of the open-face soil auger cutting head pulls itself into the ground with little effort and makes this auger useful in combination soils, from mud and clay to hard pan. The one-piece open-face auger comes equipped with a 16" rubber-gripped cross handle, and has a total length of 48".

The open-face design is useful for quick visual profile of soil sample and for easy soil extraction.

One-Piece Open-Face AugersQuantity
400.54 One Piece 2 1/2" Open Faced Auger 4.70 lb $209.00


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