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  AMS Soil Sampling Equipment. Soil augers. PowerProbe, GeoProbe.
Soil samplers. Soil augers.
PowerProbe and GeoProbe Soil augers.
Soil probes. Soil augers.
PowerProbe GeoProbe Soil augers.

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AMS Replacement and Repair Services

You can save money by repairing your AMS augers, cross handles, extensions, and soil probes, as well as your AMS 5/8'' Threaded, Signature Series, and Quick Connect connections.

When repairing your augers, AMS can replace the bits and/or the connections. Then we buff and glass-bead the auger to remove any rust or blemishes. When we're done, your auger will look and work like new again! We can also add gussets to strengthen the bail.

Refurbishing Your AMS Products

To have your equipment repaired, contact AMS. We will assign you a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number that you will need to write on the package that you are using to return the product. We can usually repair your product within 7-10 business days, and ship it back to you. (*Some products may take longer to repair, and shipping time is not included in the 7-10 day estimate).

For more details, contact:
Mike Leisring
phone: 208-226-2017 ext. 127
cell: 208-406-1311

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