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AMS Affiliates & Partners

AMS, Inc. collaborates with many companies who create the very best products in their respecive industries. By combining their proven technologies with our high quality products, AMS is able to provide our customers with reliable, turn-key solutions. This helps to keep us ahead of our competintion and you ahead of yours.

If you are an AMS affiliate or partner, and would like to be included on this page, please contact your AMS customer service or sales representative, or send an email to the AMS Marketing Department.



AMS Partners


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Idaho Hydro Tech

Maximizing Humidity, Minimizing Disease: Humigation both disinfects and humidifies storage air. It stops the spread of Silver Scurf, Black Dot and other airborne disease and humidifies up to 100% relative humidity (RH) while minimizing water usage and standing water. With a 60% increase in airflow and air scrubbing efficiency in our latest models, Humigators clean and humidify storage air more completely and faster than ever. Humigation has significantly reduced or eliminated yield loss from Silver Scurf and has maintained relative humidity at higher than 95% for many growers.

From Blake Isaacs (owner): "AMS has built many Humigation™ machines for us, and they work perfectly. Potato farmers have a high quality machine they can rely on for humidifying and cleaning silver scurf and black dot out of storage air. AMS consistently meets our expectations and specifications. We have increased our partnership commitment as our market continues to expand." See more about IHT by going to their site: www.humigation.com

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