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Aluminum Tank Sampling Kit

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Aluminum Tank Sampling Kit

Part Number: 58990

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Aluminum Tank Sampling Kit

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Easily collect sludge samples from the bottom of petroleum tanks with this unique & user friendly sampling kit. Based on the popular design of the ‘AMS Multi-Stage Sediment Sampling Kit’, the components in this kit are similar, only they are made from lightweight aluminum. This proves to be crucial, as often times tanks can be 50ft.+ in height; therefore keeping your sampler and extension strand ‘lightweight’ is a necessity. Having a solid/rigid extension strand gives the operator the ability to push and twist the sampler deep into the sludge. Two separate core tips come with the kit. The AMS "valved core tip" has a built in 1-way valve which resembles a door hinge. As the sampler is pressed into the sludge, the 1-way valve opens and fills the sampler. When the sampler is pulled up from the sludge the valve closes and traps any sediment and liquid inside the sampler. The second tip, the (core catcher tip) uses a disposable plastic soil catcher that fits on the end of a 2" plastic liner. As the sampler is pushed into the sludge, the core catcher teeth open up and allowing the material to enter the sampler. As the sampler is raised, these teeth close and restrict the sample from falling back out. The specialized top cap of the sampler is also an important component of the kit. During deployment, the viton rubber flap cap opens and allows excess air and water to escape through the oversized vent holes of the sampler top cap – eliminating pressure buildup. When the sampler is lifted the flap closes over these vent holes and creates suction to assist in retaining the sample. There are qty: four 12” long sampler body sections in the kit. Meaning, if necessary, a 4ft. long sampler can be assembled. Extra 12” body sections may be purchased to create a longer sampler. Qty: three, 4ft. long ‘square’ extension rods are included with the kit. Extra extensions may be added to accomplish deeper depths.


Includes: 12" base section, three 12" body sections, vented top cap, three 4' square extensions, valved core tip, core catcher core tip, plastic liner, plastic end caps, 2" soil core catcher, universal slip wrench, cross handle, and the AMS deluxe carrying case.



  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy Aluminum Construction
  • Square Quick Connect Fittings
  • Easy to use
  • Spark Resistant

Other things you'll need

Replacement Parts       Quantity
404.91 MS 2" Plastic Core Catcher 0.02 lb $6.70
405.10 2" X 12" Plastic Liner 0.21 lb $5.70
418.10 2" Plastic End Cap 0.02 lb $0.60
421.29 Universal Slip Wrench 1.24 lb $38.10
430.01 4ft. AMS Deluxe Carrying Case 1750 28.00 lb $257.90
430.07 2" x 12" Nylon Brush 0.20 lb $14.40
58990 Aluminum Tank Sampling Kit 45.00 lb $1,878.41
58989 12" Aluminum 2" MS Sludge SCS Base 1.40 lb $201.20
58890 12" Aluminum 2" MS  Section 1.40 lb $201.20
58988 Aluminum 2" MS Sludge Core Tip 0.35 lb $160.70
58991 Aluminum 2" MS Sludge Core Tip w/Valve 0.25 lb $212.80
58987 Aluminum MS Flap Check Valve Cap 0.50 lb $149.10
58981 Aluminum Square Extension 4' 2.30 lb $85.00
58982 Aluminum MS Cross Handle 0.75 lb $40.00