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AMS Sub Slab GVP Installation Kit

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AMS Sub Slab GVP Installation Kit

Part Number: 52956

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AMS Sub Slab GVP Installation Kit

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Sample for volatile organic and inorganic compounds from beneath floor slabs.

Sub-slab sampling and routine monitoring has become an integral part of vapor intrusion investigations. The AMS Sub-Slab Gas Vapor Probe Kit provides a semi-permanent probe, designed to allow repeated sampling over time in order to assess the potential of contaminated vapor intrusion from beneath buildings and offers an opportunity to collect samples directly beneath the floor slab of a building.

Sub-Slab GVP Kit Includes: Stainless Steel 3” (length) implant, Rubber Shaft Plug, Connectors, Top Plug, Hose B, Stainless Steel Tube 1/4” x 12” x 0.35.”

Tamper-Resistant Sub-Slab GVP Kit also Includes: 2" stainless steel tamper-resistant top cap.

Sub-Slab GVP Installation Kit Includes: Five stainless steel 3” (length) implant, five rubber shaft plugs, connectors, five top plugs, five hose barb adapter, five 1/4” x 12” x 0.35" stainless steel tubes, five tamper-resistant top caps, mini stainless steel ball-valve adapter, 1" x 16" x 21" SDS Max bit, 2" x 3" x 16" SDS Max core bit, screw driver, and a tee-handle allen wrench.

Other things you'll need

Sub-Slab Gas Vapor Probe Kit Replacement Parts & Accessories       Quantity
214.43 1" x 16" (usable length) x 21" (total length) SDS-Max Masonry Bit 2.30 lb $97.00
52952 Sub Slab Vapor Shaft Tube 0.08 lb $19.10
52953 Sub Slab Plug (FEP) 0.10 lb $14.00
208.63 Port Cover Screwdriver 0.30 lb $15.60
13463 Hose Barb Adapter SS-4-AC-1-4 0.05 lb $25.30
13462 Plug HH-1/4 NPT 0.05 lb $15.60
13460 Connector SS-400-7-4 0.10 lb $39.20
56958 Sub-Slab GVP Tamper-Resistant Top Cap 0.50 lb $65.00
424.62 AMS Small Carrying Case 5.70 lb $149.10
22011 Stainless Steel Mini Ball-Valve Adapter 0.30 lb $56.15
260.51 2" x 3" x 16" SDS-Max Core Bit 3.70 lb $219.60
260.52 Tee Handle Allen Wrench 0.10 lb $11.80
213.89 Bosch 11264EVS Rotary Hammer Drill - 1" x 5/8" SDS-Max 26.00 lb $966.60