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AMS Christmas Care Packages 2016

For the past three years, AMS has been putting together care packages to send to troops overseas. Please go to www.anysoldier.com to show your support as well.



Top of the line products are not the only thing that AMS produces. They also produce smiles on the faces of United States Troops overseas. The holidays can be lonely for U.S. troops, but it can also be immensely joyful when they know they have love and support from back home; not just from friends and family, but from complete strangers.


AMS is a homegrown company in small town America. Even though it is now a leader in the sampling and drilling industry, it keeps hometown American values at its heart. One of those values is supporting the men and women who defend the United States of America.


Rick Vollweiler, AMS’s Chief Executive Officer, feels it is important to show our troops how much we love and care for them. Three years ago an AMS employee told Vollweiler about Anysoldier.com, a site to reach out to troops serving in the Middle East. He decided the best way to support our troops was to gather resources and good cheer to send to soldiers overseas. AMS started gathering items to send to the troops in October and shipped them after Thanksgiving with the hope that the packages would be overseas in time for Christmas.


Vollweiler stated, “I wanted to do something for the troops overseas. So I decided we should make Christmas packages for them. In each box, there’s a bag of jerky, granola bars and other assorted items. We decided to do 200 of these boxes, and we’ll mail them out to any soldier who needs some extra love this year. We just want to show our appreciation for what they do for us. They continually fight for our freedom so we can continue to have a great time here in the United States. They are the ones making the greatest sacrifice. They are away from their families, so we can be with our families. We hope this just brings a little bit of joy to them while they are away this Christmas season.”


The card AMS sends with the package is filled with gratitude to the men and women serving our country. Every letter start’s with “Dear Hero, what we manufacture as a company is not nearly as important as the freedom and safety you provide us to manufacture it.” The letter goes on to read, “Because of the sacrifice you made to be away from your family and friends, we can embrace ours. It’s easy sometimes to think that what you do goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Our gift, we hope, will serve as a reminder that we do care, that we pray for your safe return, and that we will hold deeply in our hearts the great gift you continue to give the people of America.” The letter concludes, “Because of men and women like you, who put their needs second to those they protect and serve, American soil is the safest in the world. Please accept this small token of our gratitude. We cannot express in words how much we appreciate what you do.”


Although it’s not expected, it’s greatly appreciated by AMS employees to receive heart-warming letters from the troops. They are delighted to receive love and gratitude from the troops who receive the packages. Each letter tells the tale of a soldier or squad that has a rich, full life at home, but left it to protect the land they love. Everyone at AMS is so grateful for the men and women who fight and protect, so we can be with our loved ones. So many soldiers have children they must be away from for the holidays, yet they have to keep up moral. The packages that AMS sends can help take the edge off the sometimes painful holiday season.


One letter stated, “[We are] coming home soon to enjoy our freedom, and we cannot wait to reunite with our families.”


Another letter read, “We want to thank you tremendously for the lovely greetings and care packages we received from you while we are deployed. The outpouring of support from people like you remind us of all the wonderful things we have waiting for us back home.”


“There couldn’t have been a better time than this Thanksgiving holiday for such a wonderful care package,” one soldier wrote. “We truly appreciate you taking the time to think of us and send a care package.”


AMS headquarters are located in American Falls, Idaho. It’s difficult to maintain a locally owned business anywhere, but in a town of 5,000, it poses an even bigger challenge. AMS is extremely successful and shares that success by supporting their community and the nation. It is important to everyone at AMS to show their patriotism and thankfulness to our troops at all times of the year, but they find it especially important to send love during the holidays. AMS invites anyone who wishes to support our troops to do so. It only takes a moment to write a thank you letter and send it; that small gesture could change someone’s whole day, if not their whole life.