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AMS Connection Types

AMS samplers use either a Signature Series, Threaded, or Quick Connect connection type. When ordering AMS sampling equipment, please make sure the connection types of those products match if you intend to use them together. So, if you are ordering a cross handle, extensions, and an auger head, please make sure that they all share the same connection type. A Signature Series cross handle will work with Signature Series extensions and a Signature Series head, but a Signature Series cross handle will not be able to connect to an extension that uses a Threaded or a Quick Connect connection. Please contact AMS if you have any questions.

Signature Series Connection

Signature series components feature a heavier thread than 5/8in threaded connections. They are generally more robust and last longer under heavy use. Signature components can be connected and disconnected with only 2 1/2 turns, and have less risk of galling. Our most popular slide hammers, augers, core samplers, and soil sampling kits are available with signature series connections.


  • Heavier thread design.
  • Connection and disassembly with 2 1/2 turns.
  • Fast connection speed without risk of galling.

Professional Series Connection

Professional series extensions use a 3/4" national coarse thread pattern. They are constructed of a large, 1in diameter chrome molybdenum tubing and are powder-coated safety orange for additional rust resistance. They are used with the new AMS professional line of augers and samplers, which are the strongest, most durable and reliable AMS components. Professional augers are perfect for those who want to have the strongest, most durable connection on all of their augers, extensions, cross handles, slide hammers, core samplers, and split-core samplers. Many of the new professional components have also been improved, and 3/4in threaded connections can be added to most AMS augers and core samplers for just $25. This is the recommended connection for anyone needing to use 3/4" slide hammers for tough or exceptionally deep augering or sampling projects.


  • The most robust heavy-duty thread design.
  • 3/4" NC threaded connection.
  • Compatible with AMS's strongest, most durable augering and sampling systems.

Threaded Connection

AMS 5/8in and 3/4in threaded connections use standard, national course, threads. 5/8in connections are the most common and least expensive AMS connection type.They are reliable and simple to use. The 5/8" threaded connections are used for the majority of soil augers and core samplers; 3/4" threaded connections are used with larger AMS soil augers (diameters of 6" and 7"), and they are also used as part of our Professional series connections – because they provide the strongest, most durable connection. Augers, core samplers, probes, slide hammers, hammer-head handles, and kits are available with threaded connections. 3/4in are used with the new AMS professional line of augers and samplers.


  • Economical and secure.
  • A versatile connection.

Quick Connnect Connection

The AMS quick connect button-and-hex coupling system allows components to connect and disconnect faster and with less hassle than threaded or signature series systems. When in use, the torque exerted on the system is placed on the hex – rather than threads – which makes the quick connect connection durable and prevents the components from binding together. Quick connect connections also allow for reverse augering with either a rubber-coated cross handle or ratcheting cross handle. Most augers and some soil sampling kits are available with AMS quick connect connections, but the connections are not compatible with AMS slide hammers or the hammer- head cross handle. The Quick Connect system is not designed to work with slide hammers, which are necessary for soil core sampler applications.


  • Fast, positive push–to–lock and easy disconnect.
  • Finger ring for AMS Quick Connect button depression included.
  • Allows rotation in either direction.
  • Available in cast carbon steel and stainless steel (SST). Note: Fittings will always be carbon steel.