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Hand Tooling

Hand Tooling

AMS, Inc. is the leading provider of the highest quality soil, soil gas, sludge, sediment, groundwater, and geotechnical sampling and testing equipment.


AMS hand sampling equipment is primarily designed for soil sampling, soil gas sampling, sludge, sediment, and groundwater sampling and monitoring as well as for geotechnical testing and remediation purposes. They are used in the environmental, geotechnical, remediation, and agricultural markets, but are also used in many other industries such as pest control, construction, golf turf and grass, and real estate.


With the help of customer feedback, we at AMS are continuously developing exciting new products to make your field work easier because your success is our success.

  • Soil Samplers
    Soil Samplers
    AMS soil sampling equipment is commonly used for obtaining soil samples at or near the surface, or for digging holes between 1 and 7 inches in diameter.   AMS soil sampling equipment is used for environmental sampling and monitoring, geotechnical testing, agricultural applications, home gardens, installation of pest control bait stations, construction applications, and much more.   If you need help finding the AMS sampler that is right for you, please contact us for assistance.   For additional information on AMS soil sampling equipment see the AMS Catalog.
  • Soil Gas Samplers
    Soil Gas Samplers
    AMS soil gas sampling systems are efficient, easy to use and relatively inexpensive.   AMS has been a leader in soil gas sampling technologies since the development of the “original” AMS gas vapor probe. Initially designed to take shallow gas vapor samples in soils to depths of about 4 feet, new technologies are allowing newer versions of the AMS gas vapor probe to easily sample to 12 feet, depending on soil conditions. AMS has developed and patented the dedicated AMS gas vapor tip and the AMS Retract-A-Tip for soil gas monitoring and surveying as well as taking shallow groundwater samples. AMS also offers complete sub-slab monitoring systems.   For additional information on AMS soil gas sampling equipment, including a GVP assembly & installation options diagram, see the AMS Catalog.
  • Sludge and Sediment Samplers
    Sludge and Sediment Samplers
    AMS sludge and sediment samplers retain relatively undisturbed samples from non-cohesive materials, including underwater sediment in shallow lakes, streams, and various types of impoundments.   The samples can be used for sediment profile descriptions, and geotechnical analysis. Samples for chemical analysis can also be obtained, but they are not suitable for EPA Level III or Level IV analysis for volatile organic compounds. These samplers are primarily used for shallow sediment sample retrieval, but deeper samples may be collected from pre-augered holes. Many of our sludge and sediment samplers may be used with or without liners. They are also very portable.   For additional information on AMS sludge & sediment sampling equipment see the AMS Catalog.
  • Surface and Groundwater Samplers
    Surface and Groundwater Samplers
    AMS Surface and groundwater sampling products have been designed to take liquid samples for the identification of water quality problems and can be used at discrete depths in a variety of mediums including, drums, tanks, lakes, and other surface and groundwater bodies.   Sampling site requirements vary from site to site, including volume of water needed for accurate sample collection, field parameters being researched, and a variety of other variations. AMS offers sampling products that can accommodate these site requirements and variations.   For additional information on AMS surface & groundwater sampling equipment see the AMS Catalog.
  • Geotechnical Sampling and Testing
    Geotechnical Sampling and Testing
    Conduct geotechnical investigations of soil and rock around a site – including surface and subsurface exploration. AMS offers portable, in situ, methods for evaluating the strength and density of soil; evaluating the consistency, compaction, and bearing of soils; and taking direct readings of shear strength.   For additional information on AMS geotechnical sampling and testing equipment see the AMS Catalog.
  • Hand Tooling Accessories
    Hand Tooling Accessories
    AMS hand sampling accessories will help you collect soil, soil gas, sludge and sediment, and groundwater samples using your AMS samplers. There are also a variety of accessories for cleaning or carrying your samplers, and storing samples.   Please make sure any accessories that you intend to use with your AMS soil, soil gas, sludge and sediment, or groundwater samplers use the same connection type.   See Connection Types for more information.