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Soil Gas Samplers

Soil Gas Samplers

AMS soil gas sampling systems are efficient, easy to use and relatively inexpensive.


AMS has been a leader in soil gas sampling technologies since the development of the “original” AMS gas vapor probe. Initially designed to take shallow gas vapor samples in soils to depths of about 4 feet, new technologies are allowing newer versions of the AMS gas vapor probe to easily sample to 12 feet, depending on soil conditions. AMS has developed and patented the dedicated AMS gas vapor tip and the AMS Retract-A-Tip for soil gas monitoring and surveying as well as taking shallow groundwater samples. AMS also offers complete sub-slab monitoring systems.


For additional information on AMS soil gas sampling equipment, including a GVP assembly & installation options diagram, see the AMS Catalog.

  • Original GVP Kit
    Original GVP Kit
    Easily and economically sample soil gas vapors at shallow depths for preliminary testing. The AMS "original" gas vapor probe can take vapor samples in soils to depths of 12' depending on soil conditions. This kit is an excellent choice for shallow gas vapor sampling in soft soil. The kit includes a base section with a probe tip and soil gas access holes above. An included liner rod with tip is placed inside the base section. AMS also offers the patented dedicated gas vapor tip and the AMS Retract-A-Tip for soil gas sampling as well as shallow groundwater sampling.  
  • Dedicated Gas Vapor Probe Tip
    Dedicated Gas Vapor Probe Tip
    Install as permanent sample point, or leave in ground as a disposable point. AMS dedicated gas vapor tips are used for detecting hydrocarbon spills, underground storage tank and pipe leaks, landfill contamination and hazardous waste sites. Soil gas monitoring with the AMS dedicated gas vapor tip is easily accomplished using an available AMS gas vapor probe kit.   The unique design and umbrella ensure an easy passage for gas entering the collection system. The umbrella assists in keeping the tip vapor inlets free of soil. The option screen may be used, particularly in fine-grained soils or when sampling water.
  • Retract-A-Tip Gas Vapor Probe Tip
    Retract-A-Tip Gas Vapor Probe Tip
    Designed to be driven into the soil, opened for sample extraction, and removed for subsequent use. The AMS Retract-A-Tip is a survey tool for collection of discrete soil vapor samples below the ground surface, usually at discrete depths. The sampler is 300 series stainless steel, with a 400 series stainless steel drive tip. It may be driven to the sampling depth using an AMS slide hammer or electric rotary hammer. The Retract-A-Tip is usually connected to the surface with fluoropolymer tubing. The sampler is opened by retracting the gas vapor probe extension string an inch or so. When open, the sampling ports — protected by a mesh screen — are exposed. After collection, the sampler may be closed by pushing down on the drive string.
  • Gas Vapor Probe Kits
    Gas Vapor Probe Kits
    Excellent for monitoring and sampling hydrocarbon spill sites, underground storage tanks and pipelines! AMS GVP kits use an AMS slide hammer or an electric rotary drive hammer and GVP drive extensions to insert a stainless steel GVP tip to the desired sampling depth. Fluoropolymer tubing is attached to a barb fitting on the GVP tip for remote sampling from the surface. Two GVP tips are available for use with AMS GVP kits – dedicated gas vapor tips, and the AMS Retract-A-Tip.
  • Heavy-Duty Gas Vapor Probe Kits
    Heavy-Duty Gas Vapor Probe Kits
    Add Torque to your Gas Vapor Probe system! The heavy-duty gas vapor probe kits have all of the components included in the regular GVP kits, but with the added benefit of flighted augers which allow you to penetrate rocky and hard soil conditions. The kit comes with enough flighted extensions to pre-bore a hole to a depth of 9 feet! The heavy duty GVP kits also come with a larger 2 1/2” concrete bit to allow clearance for the 2” diameter flighted augers – should you need to sample beneath concrete. The lead flighted auger bit comes with a hard surfaced tip for regular soil conditions and a carbide tip for heavily compacted soil. Pre-drill your boreholes with the flighted augers prior to insertion of your GVP extensions and sampling tips to increase the lifespan of your stainless steel sampling points. Pre-drilling with flighted augers also allows access to sampling points in horizontal and vertical angles.  
  • Sub-Slab Gas Vapor Probe Kits
    Sub-Slab Gas Vapor Probe Kits
    Sample for volatile organic and inorganic compounds from beneath floor slabs.   Sub-slab sampling and routine monitoring has become an integral part of vapor intrusion investigations. The AMS Sub-Slab Gas Vapor Probe Kit provides a semi-permanent probe, designed to allow repeated sampling over time in order to assess the potential of contaminated vapor intrusion from beneath buildings and offers an opportunity to collect samples directly beneath the floor slab of a building.   Sub-Slab GVP Kit Includes: Stainless Steel 3” (length) implant, Rubber Shaft Plug, Connectors, Top Plug, Hose B, Stainless Steel Tube 1/4” x 12” x 0.35.”   Tamper-Resistant Sub-Slab GVP Kit also Includes: 2" stainless steel tamper-resistant top cap.   Sub-Slab GVP Installation Kit Includes: Five stainless steel 3” (length) implant, five rubber shaft plugs, connectors, five top plugs, five hose barb adapter, five 1/4” x 12” x 0.35" stainless steel tubes, five tamper-resistant top caps, mini stainless steel ball-valve adapter, 1" x 16" x 21" SDS Max bit, 2" x 3" x 16" SDS Max core bit, screw driver, and a tee-handle allen wrench.  
  • Gas Vapor Implant Drive Kit
    Gas Vapor Implant Drive Kit
    AMS 6-inches (152mm) Gas Vapor Implant Installation Kit are used for permanent soil gas monitoring, UST monitoring, groundwater sampling, air sparging, vapor extraction monitoring, and as a pressure measurement point in vacuum testing. This kit allows a user to obtain or collect a soil gas sample by positioning or placing a 6” implant in the subsurface, and subsequently withdrawal a sample of soil atmosphere through the implant from the target sampling horizon.   The stainless steel PRT solid ends of AMS vapor implants allow for an anchor point to be threaded on or open hole placement. The vapor implants have an OD of 0.50-inch (12.7mm), and a screen pore size of 0.0057-inches (.15mm). They can reach over 100 feet (33m).
  • Gas Vapor Implants
    Gas Vapor Implants
    AMS Vapor Implants have double woven stainless steel wire screens with a .0057-in. (0.15mm Pore).   The stainless steel PRT solid ends of AMS vapor implants allow for an Anchor Point to be threaded on or open hole placement. The vapor implants are used for the following applications:   Permanent Soil Gas Monitoring. UST Monitoring. Groundwater Sampling. Air Sparging. Pressure Measurement Point in Vacuum Testing. Vapor Extraction Monitoring.   Implant Length:   6-inches (152mm) 12-inches (305mm) 21-inches (533mm)   Implant OD:   0.50-inch (12.7mm)   Screen Pore Size: 0.0057-inches (.15mm)   Max Depth: 100+ feet (30m)   *Swagelock Fitting Available