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Surface and Groundwater Samplers

Surface and Groundwater Samplers

AMS Surface and groundwater sampling products have been designed to take liquid samples for the identification of water quality problems and can be used at discrete depths in a variety of mediums including, drums, tanks, lakes, and other surface and groundwater bodies.


Sampling site requirements vary from site to site, including volume of water needed for accurate sample collection, field parameters being researched, and a variety of other variations. AMS offers sampling products that can accommodate these site requirements and variations.


For additional information on AMS surface & groundwater sampling equipment see the AMS Catalog.

  • Bailers
    Bailer Applications Sampling is accomplished by attaching the bailer to a line and lowering, usually by hand, into the liquid to be sampled, until the desired sampling depth is reached. As the bailer is lowered, the bottom check valve allows water to flow through the bailer. When the bailer is retrieved, the weight of the water closes the bottom check valve. The sample taken is a composite of water from the liquid being sampled. Generally used for very shallow sampling.
  • Piezometer Groundwater Sampling Kit
    Piezometer Groundwater Sampling Kit
    The AMS “Piezometer Groundwater Sampling Kit” was designed in response to our clients’ need for a manually-operated sampling kit, capable of providing a semi-permanent sampling point for water level measurements and shallow groundwater sampling investigations. This complete kit includes everything needed to take groundwater measurements and collect samples to a depth of 12ft., below ground surface. For tough soil conditions, a 1 ¾” regular soil auger, 6ft., of extensions, and a rubber-coated cross handle have been provided for “pre-augering” a borehole. The 1 ¼” outside diameter (OD) x 14” long Stainless Steel piezometer drive point can be connected to any of the 3ft., Stainless Steel Piezometer extensions using heavy-duty single-lead threaded couplers. These male/male couplers are crucial for providing the same OD the entire way down the drive string; allowing for an easier “push” and “pull”! Unlike other piezometer designs with welded fittings, the AMS Piezometer allows the end-user to remove and replace the internal (50 mesh SST Screen & Spring) for proper decontamination in between samplings, which is an extremely valuable feature exclusive to the AMS Piezometer. Also included in the kit is the patented AMS SST Dedicated Tip with SST screen. Used as both a drop weight and sampling port, this tip is connected to the 3/16” ID x ¼” OD fluoropolymer or poly tubing via a barbed adapter and lowered inside the piezometer. Typically, a peristaltic pump is connected at the other end of the tubing, although bladder pumps, AMS stainless steel bailers, and inertia samplers may also be used. The inside diameter of the piezometer is 7/8”, which provides plenty of room for an AMS 5/8” Water Level Meter to be used prior to sampling. The sampler and extensions are driven into the subsurface using an AMS 20lb., Slide Hammer Attachment and threadless drive adapter. An AMS Big Foot removal jack and T-Jack Adapter are included for removal of the extensions and piezometer. Finally, cleaning brushes and wrenches for maintenance and assembly have been provided. All the components to this kit fit securely inside of two foam-lined, poly-reinforced AMS deluxe carrying cases with handles & wheels for added portability.   For groundwater sample collection through and below contaminated lithology, it is recommended to use the expendable tip holder (included in the kit) along with a #50 mesh SST screen, and expendable drive tip. In addition, in a stiff or dense lithology, it is recommended to use the expendable drive tip, #50 mesh SST screen, and expendable drive tip, instead of the standard piezometer, to avoid damaging the standard piezometer while hammering it to the target depth. A SST twist-to-lock connector is also provided to allow for post run tubing to be used as part of groundwater sampling activities.
  • Discrete Liquid Samplers
    Discrete Liquid Samplers
    Discrete Liquid Sampler Applications: Used to take liquid samples from discrete depths in drums, tanks, and other surface water bodies. Opened at a given depth by a cable.