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Because of the high quality of AMS equipment, many of our sampling products are commonly used in other industries for a wide variety of purposes and AMS often designs products for specific markets. The AMS line of Nematode Samplers, for example, was designed last year for the agricultural industry. Before that the AMS PowerCore Concrete and Asphalt drill machines were designed for use in construction markets.


AMS also works with customers in all industries to design custom products to fit their specific needs. If you need a custom-built AMS product, contact your AMS sales or customer service representative.

  • Environmental
    Environmental consultants, engineering firms, and researchers in the environmental industry use AMS products for a variety of sampling, testing, and monitoring needs.   Many AMS items commonly used for environmental sampling, testing, and monitoring are listed below.
  • Agriculture
    Farmers and researchers in the agricultural industry have used AMS sampling equipment for over 50 years. The AMS Step Probe, Soil Recovery Probes, and a variety of one and two-piece augers are used in the agricultural sampling market to obtaining disturbed samples at or near the surface and for boring to depths where more precise samples can be obtained. AMS now offers a variety of nematode sampling equipment, ATV-mounted PowerProbe rigs, and one and two-piece open-faced augers. Many AMS items commonly used in the agricultural industry are listed below.
  • Construction
  • Golf and Turf
    Golf and Turf
    AMS has many of the essential tools you need for golf course and turf grass maintenance. For over 65 years, professionals from around the globe have trusted the durability of our high-quality, hand-crafted soil sampling equipment. Our ‘Golf and Turf’ product lines include soil probes, scoops, turf profilers, augers, and other specialty equipment.   Below are the AMS products most commonly used for golf course maintenance. However, you may also be interested in the full lines of AMS soil probes and soil augers.
  • Pest Control
    Pest Control
    AMS, Inc. offers installation equipment for bait station and monitoring stations for the pest management technician who wants the ultimate fit and finish. AMS manufactures installation equipment for the following termite eliminations systems:   Dow AgroSciences' Sentricon® Colony Elimination System Whitmire Micro-Gen's Advance™ Termite Bait System Ensystex's Exterra™ Termite Interception and Baiting System FMC's FirstLine® Termite Defense System and more   For more information on AMS bait station installation equipment, see the AMS Pest Control Equipment Catalog. You may download the our pest catalog or view it online.   AMS Pest Control Equipment Catalog
  • Mining
    AMS, Inc. has been a leading provider of high quality sampling equipment since 1942. AMS sampling equipment is primarily used for environmental, geotechnical, and remediation uses as well as soil, soil gas, and groundwater monitoring. In addition, AMS makes PowerProbe direct push/hollowstem auger drill rigs for environmental and geotechnical drilling activities. AMS also manufactures and offers direct push tooling, drilling equipment, accessories, and expendables for soil sampling, groundwater sampling and monitoring well installations.   More Info: AMS Mining Brochure