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1" Serrated Rep Tip

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1" Serrated Rep Tip

Part Number: 56827

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1" Serrated Rep Tip

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Being able to replace the tip of your soil probe is a convenient and economic way to increase the lifespan of your equipment.

AMS replaceable tip soil probes are a popular choice among agronomists, soil scientists, environmental consultants, and farmers. AMS offers several different replacement tip options that allow you to sample in a variety of soil conditions more efficiently. You can increase your soil recovery by utilizing our regular, mud, clay, oversized, or serrated tips in the appropriate soil conditions. Replacement tips are available for 1” and 1 1/4” AMS replaceable tip soil probes.

  • Regular Tip – For most soil conditions. This tip comes with AMS replaceable tip soil probes.
  • Regular Tip (oversized) – The OD of this tip is larger than the body of the soil probe. It allows the probe to be removed from the soil with ease and creates less disturbance to the sample on slotted soil probes.
  • Clay Tip – This tip has the smallest ID of all our replaceable tips. It allows the soil to expand inside the soil probe and will increase recovery in clay and heavily compacted soils.
  • Mud Tip – This tip has the largest diameter of our replaceable tips. It works great in mud and wet sandy conditions.
  • Serrated Tip – This tip is used for sampling in heavily rooted soils. It will assist the probe through roots, silage and other obstructions.