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Bait Station Install Kits

Bait Station Install Kits

AMS bait installation kits provide all of the components necessary for installing termite bait stations professionally and efficiently.


Several kits are available. Our Hand Auger Installation Kits include everything you’ll need from start to finish if you want to install bait stations by hand. And our Powered Drill Start-Up Kits will get you started if you want to use a power drill.


For more information on AMS bait station installation equipment, see the AMS Pest Catalog.

  • Hand Auger Installation Kits
    Hand Auger Installation Kits
    The 1 7/8" flighted station augers and tips are designed to install 2" bait stations.   They are coated with a rust resistant zinc finish, drill a 2" hole, and are 30" in length. For a one-piece solution for the installation of 3" bait stations, try our one-piece open-faced auger.
  • Power Drill Start-Up Kits
    Power Drill Start-Up Kits
    The 1 7/8" flighted auger kit includes a 1 7/8" standard tip and 1/2' gas drill adapter. The auger is 30" in length and drills a 2" hole - ideal for 2" bait stations.   The 2 1/2" flighted auger kit comes with a standard 2 1/2" tip and a 1/2" gas drill adapter. This kit is designed to install 3" bait stations.