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Pest Accessories

Pest Accessories

AMS's pest accessories will make installing and maintaining your termite bait station a breeze.


Cup Cutters, for example, will allow you to install your bait stations flush with the surface – while Port Covers will provide tamper-resistant enclosures for bait stations without a locking cap.


For more information on AMS bait station installation equipment, see the AMS Pest Catalog.

  • Mini Slide Hammer
    Mini Slide Hammer
    When used with the insertion tool, the mini slide hammer is used to pound bait stations into tight-fitting boreholes. Bait station that fit snugly generate increased termite activity.   The AMS Mini Slide Hammer also creates the necessary force needed to push or shear through roots that may enter the bait station over time.
  • Cup Cutters
    Cup Cutters
    Cup Cutters are attached to flighted augers and are used for countersinking bait stations.   They cut away unwanted grass and debris from the surface of the borehole to allow for a flush fit at the surface.
  • Cleanout Augers
    Cleanout Augers
    Cleanout Augers are just the right thing for cleaning and maintaining refillable underground bait stations.   Choose from the T-Handle manual model or any of the cordless drill driven power clean out augers. Cleanout Augers are available in a variety of diameters.
  • Idaho Spoon
    Idaho Spoon
    This cleanout tool is used for ejecting soil from the AMS Open-Face Auger and the AMS One-Piece Open-Face Auger.
  • Insertion Tool
    Insertion Tool
    Used with the AMS mini slide hammer, the insertion tool is used for cutting roots that have grown inside the Sentricon Bait Station.   It is also used for the initial installation of the bait station. The cylinder portion of the insertion tool fits inside the bait station and allows the station to be pounded into the borehole for a tight fit. A tight fit inside the borehole allows for increased termite activity.
  • Station Puller
    Station Puller
    The station puller is designed to facilitate the easy removal of bait stations.
  • Flighted Auger Tips
    Flighted Auger Tips
    Replaceable tips are available for AMS flighted augers.   By replacing the tip of your auger when necessary; the life span of your auger is increased considerably. The standard ‘butterfly’ tips come with a hard surfaced edge for durability. Carbide tips are available for tougher more compacted soils.
  • Concrete Coring Bits
    Concrete Coring Bits
    Perfect for drilling holes through concrete.   Specially designed for fast, accurate drilling with a rotary hammer drill. Core bit bodies are heat treated with durable carbon tips.
  • Rocky Soil Screw Augers
    Rocky Soil Screw Augers
    AMS Rocky Soil Screw Augers, with their heavy-duty design and extra large pilot tips, can easily drill through hard, rocky soils.   The AMS Rocky Soil Screw Augers are heavy duty soil augers designed for use with rotary hammer drills. They are made from heat treated high carbon steel and have oversized tungsten carbide-surfaced bits. These soil augers are typically used to penetrate very hard, rocky soils, asphalt and concrete.
  • Concrete Port Covers
    Concrete Port Covers
    Great for covering Bait Stations without a locking top.   Port covers are most often used for a professional tamper-resistant cover in concrete and sidewalks situations. These caps are available in three different styles, and are secured by a 2 inch tamper-resistant screw which expands the rubber o-ring that locks in the flush mounted cap and locks out moisture.
  • 2" Bait Puller
    2" Bait Puller
    Another great tool from AMS to make life easier for all Sentricon technicians!   Easily remove bait from termite bait stations Durable aluminum frame Easy to use Collapses for easy transport Save your back when removing bait
  • EX-2000 Top Cap Pliers
    EX-2000 Top Cap Pliers
    Save time during the station inspection process. Works with Sentricon and Hex-Pro Systems. Made in the USA.