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9110-Ag-Probe TR

The 9110 Ag-Probe TR is the newest model in the AMS PowerProbe line up. It is designed for use in agricultural and environmental sampling. This model can be mounted on most standard tractors that meet the standard weight limits. The 9110 Ag-Probe TR is powered by the Power Take Off (PTO) from the tractor. It is designed for the user that already owns the carrier vehicle or tractor. This saves time and money on the initial investment.


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Ken Lipscomb
Eastern US/International Sales
800-635-7330 ext. 160
Cell: 706-680-9015

Ryan Anderson
Western US/Canada Sales
800-635-7330 ext. 143
Cell: 208-406-9341

Tim Herndon
Midwestern US Sales
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Cell: 913-6872482



To learn more about the 9110 Ag Probe-TR, please contact AMS.