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9300-SK PowerProbe

9300-SK PowerProbe

The PowerProbeª 9300-SK models include a 72" probe stroke to allow use of 4'' tooling and a 90 ft-lb hammer with more options available. If a hollowstem auger capability is what you need, we have given you a choice of two auger drive head options that can be added to your skid steer model. Some carrier vehicle requirements are needed dependent on your choices. Contact an AMS representative for more information.

Tech Specs 9300-SK
Horsepower 40 hp
Feul Type Carrier Dependent
Engine RPM Setting -
Power Source -
Fuel Capacity -
Track Speed -
Weight 2,900 lb.
Overall Length 69'' - 73''
Overall Width 66''
Overall Height (folded) 110'' (124'')
Deck Height -
Individual Track Width -
Mast Extended Height 178''
Probe Stroke 72'' (optional 80'')
Double Pump -
Hydraulic Oil Pressure 2,400 psi
Hydraulic Flow Rate 16 gpm
Hydraulic Oil Capacity Vehicle Dependent
Down Force 26,300 lb.
Pull-Up Force 38,000 lb.
Head Travel Rate Up 16 sec
Head Travel Rate Down 13 sec
Probe Angles 80° to 100°
In / Out Travel -
Side-to-Side Movement 12''
Foot Vertical Stroke -

Standard Features


  • Adjustable mast
  • Long lasting powder-coated finish
  • Anodized metal power track
  • Electro-hydraulic valves - in-out, side-side, and tilt
  • Spring-loaded pull yoke
  • Enhanced control panel
  • One year warranty
  • Tooling storage and vise
  • Quick disconnect kit
  • Auxiliary hydraulic hook-up kit (carrier only)
  • 90 ft-lb hydraulic hammer
  • Skid quick mount plate

Convenience/Safety Package


  • Hand auger to pre-clear soil boring locations
  • Hydraulic oil pressure gauges
  • Emergency stop system
  • 12 volt accessory outlet
  • Hour meter