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Hand Tooling and Other Testimonials

Hand Tooling and Other Testimonials

From Kevin L. Smith, Environmental Delineations, LLC:

I got the auger today. It is awesome. Yall did a great job. My little girl is going to love it. You know my dad was a soil scientist with USDA-NRCS for 33 1/2 years and mapped over 1 million acres in the state of ga. Once he retired (1994) he started consulting privately and is what we do today. He passed away in 2000. When I got finished at UGA in 1999 I came home to work with him full time. He gave me an auger to use then (AMS of course). When he passed away I put that auger in his casket with him and I kept his and still use it today. I can remember growing up and helping him heat those augers with a torch to change them.

We have always used AMS and always will as long as you guys keep making them. AMS augers are like apple pie at our house.

Keep up the good work.


Blake Isaacs, CEO IHT (Idaho Hydro Tech):

"AMS has built many Humigation™ machines for us, and they work perfectly. Potato farmers have a high quality machine they can rely on for humidifying and cleaning silver scurf and black dot out of storage air. AMS consistently meets our expectations and specifications. We have increased our partnership commitment as our market continues to expand."

See more about IHT by going to their site: www.humigation.com


Note and Video from Anthony in Qatar:

We're in Qatar and have used the sampler several times. It works wonderfully well! Please give my compliments to folks that built it! We were easily able to get 90 discreet samples out of 3" of core. We ran out of patience and sampling dunes, otherwise we have kept going.

Click HERE for the YouTube video of the sampling.


sampler image

Image of the sampler deployed in the dune.


Card from WaterStep (video coming soon):

WaterStep Card


"Hello AMS Team... This is Kurtis at WaterStep. I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all for the GREAT tools you make for us. In all the years we have been sending out this equipment we never get good stories. A few pictures now and then, but that is about it. But wait until you see the video I'm going to send soon! Thank you, Kurtis"