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PowerProbe Testimonials

PowerProbe Testimonials

Letter from Michael Remboldt, P.E., G.E.- K & A Engineering, Inc.:

"I would highly recommend consideration of an AMS Power Probe for use on geotechnical projects by any geotechnical firm looking to get into the market. Not only is the rig and tooling very capable and durable, but AMS has proved to us that they area willing and able to work with the owner to develop and design custom tooling for custom applications. AMS has manufactured our custom penetration cones as well as other custom adapters and tooling. The quality and timeliness is without equal."

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From Bwalya Malama, PhD - California Polytechnic State University:

The Power Probe has been a great addition to Cal Poly's Groundwater and Soil Biophysics research and education group. I'm using it widely for instructional and research purposes. The students are enjoying a hands-on learning experience for soil and subsurface sampling, and monitoring well and piezometer installation. We have used it on campus, in local vineyards, in Santa Cruz county at Cal Poly's Swanton Ranch, and in a Meadow in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It is holding up good, and our maximum depth achieved hitherto is 40 feet, but will keep pushing and taking it to the limit as we acquire more direct-push probes and instrumentation. Your support has been great!


Letter from Steve Bradshaw- Geomechanics Southwest, Inc.:

This letter is a testimonial on the auger capabilities we have experienced with the AMS 9410-VTR. We originally purchased this unit to break into the direct push industry and were very pleased to find out that it also had HSA & SPT capabilities. Another reason for the purchase was this unit’s ability to gain entry into some limited access areas such as being able to drill underneath gas canopy’s next to dispenser islands.

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From Chadwick Geotechnics:

Chadwick Geotechnics is one of Australia’s most diverse Geotechnical and Environmental testing companies offering Drilling, Laboratory and Field Services. We have been operating our AMS 9570-VTR for 12 months across Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia, Our staff and customers have been so impressed with this rig and its variety of applications that we have purchased an AMS 9700-VTR to share the workload.

The customer service and support that AMS have provided us with has been first rate, they have gone out of their way to look outside the box and customise solutions to suit our individual requirements. During our visit to AMS in American Falls Idaho we have seen firsthand the level of detail put into designing and manufacturing the tooling and machines and the knowledge of those involved in making this happen.

The combination of Service, Quality and Value for Money made it a very simple decision when it came time for purchasing a second direct push rig.


From Soil & Groundwater Remediation Services (SGRS):

Our company, Soil & Groundwater Remediation Services (SGRS), recently purchased a Powerprobe 9700VTR from AMS. It arrived in South Africa in November 2009 after much anticipation. We were really stunned by this magnificent piece of machinery – the first of this particular kind on African soil. In early December 2009 two highly qualified people from AMS in the persons of Ken Lipscomb and Tom Dalzell arrived in South Africa to train our drill team on how to operate the Powerprobe. Everyone in the company was very impressed by the professionalism, skill, patience and willingness with which these two gentleman trained our inexperienced team to whom this was a totally new concept of drilling. Apart from the training, the administration surrounding the order, shipment and delivery of the Powerprobe was also faultless. Although AMS is located thousands of miles from Southern Africa, it is comforting to know that their assistance is always only a phone call away. I have on several occasions contacted them telephonically and despite the time difference I always managed to get an answer within four hours, if not immediately. Communicating through email is also highly effective with immediate responses during office hours. It is also very comforting to know that you are dealing directly with top management i.e. Tom, the Director of Environmental Research and Ken, the International Sales Manager. There is no doubt that you will be able to make a success of any project thanks to the support provided by the professional team at AMS Powerprobe.


Blog post from IET, Inc.:

IET – World’s Largest AMS Track Rig Fleet.

With the addition of several additional AMS-VTR Rigs in 2016, IET now maintains the largest AMS- track rig fleet in the world! Why has IET invested so heavily in AMS – DPT equipment?

Click HERE for the full blog post.


From Todd Knuckey of Range Environmental in Hibbing, Minnesota :

Todd Knuckey of Range Environmental in Hibbing, Minnesota loves his new 9520-VTR PowerProbe. This is his 3rd Direct Push machine and first new track-mounted machine. From his first impression when he arrived in Idaho, to his first job location in Minnesota, Todd has been nothing but smiles with the robust design, extreme power, and performance with the new functions the 9520-VTR has to offer. Todd mentioned that he can liquidate some of the older equipment now that he has one machine that can offer everything from direct push sampling and well installations to multiple geotechnical applications.

Todd states; “I’m a one-man show and this is by far the best machine and choice I have made to improve my day to day operations and time in the field. I have been completing daily projects that used to take me 6 hours in under 4 hours with the ergonomic controls, to the speed and versatility of the track drive system. Now being able to adjust the engine idle, track speed, and outriggers from the handheld wireless remote system, there is no need to make several trips around the machine to watch for obstacles. I can just drive to my borehole location, drop the outriggers, and get to work in seconds, where previously, with my past direct push rigs, it would take me several minutes to align everything up before any work could start. Also with the new integrated mast mounted winch and auto-drop hammer, I am able to bid on larger projects that I wasn’t able to in the past. I really like how AMS has integrated the drop hammer into the mast so everything can be aligned without resetting the mast over the borehole. I set up one time, run my augers and swing the drop hammer in and I am done. The auto retract feature AMS implemented on the probe cylinder, acts like another set of hands that you don’t have to pay for. You can clean and prep for the next sample, while the head retracts the sample out of the hole and then you can immediately drop your next sample barrel down.”


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From Scott Richardville of Richardville Drilling in Evansville, Indiana :

Scott Richardville of Richardville Drilling in Evansville, Indiana recently offered his admiration for AMS. “We have been in the drilling business for 69 years. Because of the excellent customer service experience we’ve had with AMS over the 12+ years, we decided to trade in our 9630-Skid PowerProbe and purchase a new 9510-VTR PowerProbe in 2014. We’re extremely happy that we made that choice.”

“We were amazed at its speed, power, and versatility. There is a significant difference in drilling capability. It’s really like night and day. Our average job with our previously owned direct push rig we collected about 200ft of sample filling our entire work day. With the 9510-VTR we can sample 200ft in 3-4 hours. The craftsmanship is excellent. It has great maneuverability fitting into tight spots. We’ve drilled under bridges and inside small buildings. We’re impressed with the power of the 4000 ft-lb auger motor. The 9510-VTR can drill 30ft to 40ft wells just as fast as our auger rig and only using about 1/4 of the fuel. We use about 2+/- gallons per day which is amazing! We are working on a remedial injection job with over 200 holes to drill and fill. Using the auxiliary hydraulic connection on the 9510-VTR, we connected a moyno pump for injecting the remediation solution, and it’s working perfectly. We have never purchased a piece of equipment from a company that compares to the support AMS offers.”  

“In closing, I cannot say enough good things about AMS customer service. We have one PowerProbe, but they treat us like we have many by helping us any time, day or night, when we have questions, ideas, or problems. Our experience with the G7 Dual Tube Tooling System has given us confidence that the job will get done. Without a doubt the 9510-VTR is head to head the best probe rig on the market. You do have a choice in direct push drilling manufacturer’s, and from our experience with AMS, the choice is clear.”


sampler imagesampler image


From Ty Davidson of Davidson Drilling, Roanoke, Virginia:

They were using our 9520 VTR PowerProbe to install monitoring wells on an industrial site for an environmental site assessment. The industrial site is being considered by a brewery for potential expansion. On this particular hole they direct push probed to 47 feet taking soil samples, then used 3 ¼” hollow stem augers to drill 55 feet to bed rock, and finally using a 6” down the hole hammer drilled to 110 feet. They installed a 2” diameter monitoring well in the hole.

sampler image


From Michael Remboldt with K&A Engineering, Inc.:

We finished an entire week of grueling drilling last week in Tillamook. Worst conditions ever – steep muddy slopes, buckets of rain (over 2-inches), snow, cold, super-dense gravels, and tough cemented terrace deposits. Good news is we finished and the hammer and drill performed very well – with thousands of hammer blows. The new hammer... is very consistent. Also, the hydraulic hammer/G7 sampler did great – got excellent full-length samples once we figured out which tip to use (the cemented terrace is very expansive).

sampler image


From Del Smith with the Bureau of Reclamation:

Photos of work we did on Bosque Del Apache NWR in which we were performing subsurface soil investigations of permeability and depth to groundwater.  We plan to move a 3.5 mile long section of the Rio Grande River over about an eighth of a mile. 

sampler imagesampler image


From Mike Remboldt with K&A Engineering, Inc.:

K&A Engineering, Inc. out in the field doing dynamic cone penetration and continuous sampling with the 9410 VTR in Tillamook, Oregon. Conditions were challenging, including steep muddy slopes, inclement weather (over 2-inches or rain, snow, cold), and geology including very dense gravels and tough cemented terrace deposits. They finished the week-long job on time and under budget with hundreds of feet of probing, sampling and thousands of hammer blows.

sampler imagesampler image