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Well Management

Well Management

The Ultimate Well Management System!

Fully automated, mobile systems for enhanced management of groundwater monitoring. The patented AMS well management systems have been designed to simplify purging and sampling of monitoring wells, determine the nature and extent of contamination, and monitor water quality and flow rate. AMS well management systems increase well-monitoring efficiency, and save you time, money and labor.

AMS well management equipment allows for quick and easy determination of the nature and extent of contamination resulting in the identification of areas of concern so resources can be focused on where thy will be most effective. Areas are contaminated through liquid waste discharge from cribs, ditches, trenches, ponds, tanks and wells. Class V injection wells are of particular concern and pose the greatest threat to drinking water. They include:

  • Motor Vehicle Waste Disposal Wells
  • Industrial Waste Disposal Wells
  • Large Capacity Cesspools
  • Agricultural Drainage
  • Storm Water Drainage
  • Large Capacity Septic Systems
  • Geothermal Wells
    • Product Interface and Water Level Meters
      Product Interface and Water Level Meters
      AMS Water Level Meters provide reliable and accurate measurements of groundwater levels. AMS Interface Meters provide measurements of both floating and sinking hydrocarbons. They are available with Polyethylene-coated steel tape that is marked with either standard/English or metric unit increments.   Water level readings are taken at the top of the casing with accuracy to within 1/100 of a foot (3mm). They utilize a durable polypropylene storage reel with a rugged solid aluminum frame.   AMS Interface Meters are battery powered. These portable, reel-mounted instruments are used to measure oil and water levels in monitoring wells. They are also used to detect tank leakages, and more.
    • 7000 Series
      7000 Series
      Full Groundwater Pumping Automation for Pump Deployment, Retrieval and Operation up to 300 feet Deep Management of dedicated pump installation and monitoring is enhanced with the patented AMS design. The automation of boom extension, rotation and elevation plus motor-driven spools for pump deployment/retrieval, make the 7000 series easy and convenient to use. For more information about the 9000 Series, please contact AMS.
    • 3500 Series
      3500 Series
      Compact and Affordable! The smallest of the AMS well management systems, the patented, easy-to-use rig was designed for the user with a limited number of wells to monitor. Available in both manual and hydraulic systems. Automated, hydraulic-driven boom with double spoon system will handle sampling jobs up to 300 feet deep. Built on a self-contained skid that can easily be slid into or out of a transport vehicle such as a pickup truck, flatbed truck or trailer. For more information about the 3500 Series, please contact AMS.
    • Port-A-Reels
      The rugged powder-coated frame has large 16" pneumatic tires with extendable swivel castors on the front and is fitted with a footage counter. The boom is extendable to accommodate different well casing heights. The standard model has a hand crank and reel brake. The hydraulic model includes a 1 hp 110 volt electric driven hydraulic pump motor with a pendant control.   Designed for use with the Grundfos Redi-Flo 2" pump, the motor lead is enclosed within the hose along with a motor support cable. The standard hose is a 1 1/8" diameter Kevlar dual longitudinal stranded and reinforced ethyl vinyl acetate hose with a natural LLDPE plastomer liner. A larger 1 3/8" diameter hose is optional. The Port-A-Reel is supplied with a 15'' motor lead extension and a 10'' water discharge hose that attaches to the reel hub. A Grundflos Redi-Flo converter is required to run, sold separately.   ** Pumps are not included   For more information about Port-A-Reels, please contact AMS.