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Why Having The Proper Groundwater Monitoring Equipment Is Essential

Groundwater Sampling Pumps

Groundwater sampling is essential for a number of reasons such as, understanding the evolution of the groundwater chemistry, assessing groundwater movement and flow patterns, identifying aquifers, etc. Groundwater sampling pumps are essential in acquiring samples from shallow wells and ground water for detailed analysis in a lab. Water quality data is only as accurate as the water samples from which the measurements are made or taken. Even the most precise laboratory analysis of a water sample cannot compensate for improper sampling from groundwater sampling pumps or chemical and physical alteration of a sample due to mishandling of sample collection, storage or transport.

Purging is referred to as the process of removing stagnant water from a well prior to sampling, causing its replacement by groundwater from the formation next to it. The displacement from the formation is a true representative of actual aquifer conditions. Field investigators must determine that a well has been properly purged, but how can they be confident about this? This can be done by using a professional grade water level monitoring system to observe and record the volume of water removed, pH levels and specific conductance. There are several purging methods and strategies that may be used, depending on specific conditions and sampling situations.


SAMPLING PROCEDURES: The collection of water samples from groundwater wells can be done in 5 steps:

  1. Preparation of equipment for sampling
  2. Accessing the well before sampling and securing the well after taking the sample
  3. Measuring the water level
  4. Purging the well of stagnant water
  5. Collecting and delivering the water sample for analysis

The fully automated patented AMS well management systems have been designed to simplify purging and sampling of monitoring wells, determine the nature and extent of contamination, and monitor water quality and flow rate for enhanced management of groundwater monitoring. AMS well management systems, groundwater monitoring equipment and water level monitoring system increase well-monitoring efficiency, and save you time, labor and money.



Whether you own a small borewell for irrigation of a field or a larger water well for drinking and other purposes, having proper groundwater monitoring equipment will be extremely beneficial in keeping the health of your water within optimal parameters.