About Us

Art’s Manufacturing & Supply (AMS), Inc.

Since AMS, Inc. was founded in 1942, our products have been used by individuals, businesses, non-profits, governments, and universities throughout the world for a wide variety of sampling purposes. AMS’s equipment is primarily used for environmental and geotechnical sampling and monitoring, as well as remediation activities. Our equipment also provides simple solutions for a variety of other fields, including agriculture, construction, golf & turf, mining, pest control, etc.


AMS, Inc. manufactures soil augers, soil probes, core samplers, sludge and sediment samplers, soil gas samplers, and more! And since 1994, we’ve also been manufacturing AMS PowerProbe direct-push drill rigs. Our PowerProbes can be mounted on pick-up trucks, trailers, UTVs, skid loaders, tractors, and tracks. They have gained widespread acceptance due to their versatility, relatively low cost, and ease of mobility. PowerProbes are designed to be used for soil, soil gas, and groundwater sampling and testing; remediation investigations; geophysical and geotechnical tests; installing monitoring wells; and most models can be fitted with hollowstem augering capabilities.

From left to right: Braydon Chipps, Marc Chipps, Rick Vollweiler, and Brehn Chipps.

The Beginning

Art Vollweiler opened the doors of Arts Machine Shop 80 years ago and following a simple philosophy, created the cornerstone from which growth and development has exploded. “Everything is a Work of Art" was this philosophy. He considered every AMS product a direct reflection on him, so every design was developed with purpose and longevity in mind.


As time passed, AMS’s product line expanded as Art's reputation for innovation grew. When the Soil Conservation Service of the United States government asked Art to develop a tool for sampling soil, Art took the task seriously. The soil auger design from that project is still in use today. Over the next few years, a complete line of hand sampling equipment, including soil augers, hammer driven samplers, specialty shovels, and accessory items, were developed.

The Vision

With the cornerstone firmly planted, the company was ready for growth. In 1980, Art's son Rick joined the company. Recognizing that the future was in the global market, Rick expanded the vision from a successful local business to a major, global competitor. With an aggressive marketing plan and an expanded product line, the company grew to more than 20 times its original size.


Now recognized as AMS, Inc., and manufacturing a variety of soil sampling equipment, including hand sampling tools, a dual tube sampling system, portable groundwater monitoring systems, and the powerful world renowned PowerProbe direct push drill rigs. AMS is still driven by the simple philosophy that each product is a “Work of Art." Each piece of AMS equipment is custom built and exhaustively tested by our highly qualified team to meet the customer's exact needs and specifications. Our diligent efforts to provide quality products, combined with a strong commitment to technological improvements of the product line, and even greater commitment to customer service, has solidified AMS, Inc. as a major manufacturer in the global environmental industry.

The Legacy

AMS, Inc. has since taken steps to expand into other areas, including health, mining, agricultural, pest control, construction, and many other industries. AMS has developed innovative ways to assist golf courses, railroads, real estate companies, and researchers at universities throughout the world. With each new step, we are reminded of the need to stay true to our founding philosophy. To this day, we are finding better ways to do our jobs with less of an impact on the environment. We are also developing partnerships that enhance our technologies. 


In 2002, Art’s grandson Marc joined the management team which helped us to respond more quickly to industry demands. Now, as President of AMS, Marc has pushed technological advancements of AMS’s existing products further than ever before, while encouraging the further expansion of product lines and uses.


AMS now is a fourth-generation family-owned business thanks to Art’s great-grandsons Brehn and Braydon. With the whole family together today, we know our company will grow even more.

Our Commitment

As we strive to meet and surpass our goals, we recognize that AMS is here for the long haul. We take pride in the care we provide each of our customers here at AMS! We will always welcome suggestions for special or custom products that will satisfy your specific needs. You, the customer, along with the AMS team, are our greatest asset, and we commit to you to provide nothing less than a "Work of Art!"