AMS Ag-Probes originated from the infamous PowerProbe!

AMS Ag-Probes were designed for use in agricultural and environmental sampling. They can be mounted on most standard utility terrain vehicles (UTVs), half-ton pickup trucks, and most standard three-point hitch tractors that meet the standard weight, height, and power limits. These rigs are powered by a self-contained gasoline engine with electric start, except for the 9110 Ag-Probe TR that runs off the tractors PTO. If you're looking for ways to become more efficient and increase sampling productivity, you've come to the right place!

Auto Field Sampler

The AMS Auto Field Sampler is easy to operate from the seat of the carrier vehicle using two simple switches. Having the capability to take a sample from the surface at adjustable depths up to 24 inches deep and deposit it into a single collection container. The sample can also be split into two separate containers at predetermined increments if preferred. Sampling depth can be easily adjusted by the operator with a manual knob.

9110 Ag-Probe

The 9110 Ag-Probe can be mounted on a UTV or in the bed of a pickup truck that meets the standard height and weight limits. Our Ag-Probes are engineered so they can be removed once sampling is completed. Whichever means of transportation works best for you, we can get you taken care of!

9110 Ag-Probe TR

The 9110 Ag-Probe Tractor (TR) can be mounted on most standard quick and three-point hitch tractors that meet the required weight and horsepower limits. Attaching or detaching this rig can be done with minimal work and downtime.