AMS, Inc. PowerCores are convenient and cost efficient!

AMS PowerCore Asphalt & Concrete Coring rigs are ideal for retrieving a soil sample covered by concrete or asphalt. Rather than having to remove large sections of the concrete or asphalt, simply bore through a small area to collect multiple clean core samples. PowerCores mount to any compact, mid, or full-sized pickup truck or trailer. A unique and versatile mounted slider system allows for easy in-and-out as well as side-to-side motion. Having such capabilities allow users to take multiple samples without having to reposition the rig. Two rear-mounted outrigger jacks are added for additional stability.

PowerCore 9400

The PowerCore 9400 is great for retrieving a sample of concrete or asphalt for materials testing. Collecting core samples from below hard surfaces can also done. This rig comes equipped with our standard direct push 90 ft-lb. hydraulic hammer used for direct push soil sampling. 

PowerCore 9410

The PowerCore 9410 allows you to limit the number of employees needed on site. This model is equipped with our standard direct push capabilities by using a 200 ft-lb. hydraulic hammer along with a 3,000 ft-lb. hydraulic core motor that is capable of coring through concrete or asphalt to allow access for the collection of continuous core samples.