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Bait Station Install Kits

  • Sentricon® Flighted Auger Kit

    Sentricon® Flighted Auger Kit

    The Sentricon® Flighted Auger Kit includes the necessary tools to reach your target depth for installing Sentricon® and other 2" bait station systems.   Kit weighs 14.06lbs!   Kit Includes: #400.665 - (1) 1-7/8" Flighted Auger...

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  • Sentricon® Auger Kit

    Sentricon® Auger Kit

    The Sentricon® Auger Kit is similar to the Sentricon® Deluxe Auger Kit, but it includes less items. It will also work with other 2" bait station systems. Please see below for what is included in the kit.   Kit weighs 13.78lbs!   Kit...

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  • Sentricon® Deluxe Auger Kit

    Sentricon® Deluxe Auger Kit

    We have thrown everything together to simplify your Sentricon® bait station installation.   Kit weighs 21.40lbs!   Kit Includes: #400.665 - (1) 1-7/8" Flighted Auger Standard Tip, 5/8" Thread #400.663 - (1) 1-7/8" Flighted Auger...

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