AMS PowerProbes feature direct push drilling technology and hollowstem augering capabilities!

AMS PowerProbe equipment has gained widespread acceptance in many industries due to their versatility, relatively low cost, and ease of mobility. Mounted on pick-up trucks, trailers, or tracks, AMS PowerProbe direct push drill rigs are capable of retrieving soil, soil gas, and groundwater samples, as well as conducting a wide variety of environmental and geotechnical drilling activities.


Allowing users to access areas within buildings or off-road, collecting continuous core and discrete samples has never been easier. Between direct push and hollowstem augering technologies, a great deal of versatility assures completion of comprehensive and complex field work. Compared to conventional drilling activities, direct push technology is less labor intensive, offers a much faster setup time, and generates significantly less cutting. Decontaminating and maintaining direct push tooling is also a breeze.

Application & Tooling

AMS PowerProbe rigs, and direct push tooling are designed for environmental sampling and monitoring of soil, soil gas, and groundwater. They are also used for remediation investigation and various geotechnical activities. Some rigs also have hollowstem augering capabilities which provide more versatility in the field by allowing for penetration to deeper depths and the ability to conduct direct push activities telescopically through the hollowstem auger.


The versatility of AMS direct push tooling provides investigators with a variety of soil investigation options that are effective in sand, tight silt, swelling clay, and small gravels from the ground surface to depths ranging beyond 100 feet below ground surface, depending on lithology. Direct push tooling also minimizes surface and subsurface disturbance by creating only small diameter bore holes. It is the primary method used for installation of small diameter prepacked screen monitoring wells, and also provides quick collection of samples from confirmation borings for site closure.

9100 Series PowerProbes

The small footprint of our 9100 Series make them ideal for tanks, farms, and residential areas. If there are confined spaces or buildings where a track or vehicle mounted PowerProbe can't access, we have a solution for you! While having the capability to be air-lifted into remote job locations, users have the flexibility to operate their machine via remote control. With an option to be mounted on a skid loader, seamlessly attaching, and detaching the PowerProbe allows for other accessories to be utilized on the carrier vehicle such as a bucket, pallet forks, and backfill blade.

9400 Series PowerProbes

The 9400 Series is our mid-sized PowerProbe. This track and vehicle mounted rig is compact for limited access areas. While accessing restricted areas, we kept great augering and direct push drilling power in mind. With many choices kept in mind, a key performance option is our hydraulic systems being load sensed. This allows for better operating efficiency and fuel economy!

9500 Series PowerProbes

The 9500 Series are our high-powered direct-push rigs. These rigs have augering capabilities with operator friendly engineering. With smaller carrier options available, users are allowed access to tighter areas with less footprint. If you're seeking deeper depths and extreme power, our 9500 Series will fulfill those needs and more!