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Everyone at AMS is dedicated to exceeding our customers' needs and expectations. From answering questions about availability, use and care, developing customized products, we're here to help. We would also like to encourage you to take advantage of all of the useful information provided in our Help Center.

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General Inquiries

AMS, Inc. Main Office

105 Harrison St.

American Falls, ID 83211

Phone: 800-635-7330



PowerProbe Sales and Support

Ryan Anderson
Western US/Canada Sales
800-635-7330 ext. 143
Cell: 208-406-9341

Ken Lipscomb
Eastern US/International Sales
800-635-7330 ext. 160
Cell: 706-680-9015

Hand Tooling Sales and Support

Hari Anestos
Global Accounts Manager & Sales/Technical Support
800-635-7330 ext. 124
Cell: 208-406-6109

Brehn Chipps
Sales/Technical Support
800-635-7330 ext. 125

Cell: 208-406-2070



Marc Chipps
President of AMS, Inc.
800-635-7330 ext. 112

Braydon Chipps
Marketing Director
800-635-7330 ext. 102