Drillers looking for a powerful pick-up truck mounted rig that mimics the 9520-VTR choose the 9520-D. This rig comes standard with a 350 ft/lb. hydraulic hammer for groundwater, direct push, soil gas, and remedial injection style sampling. Like the 9520-VTR, this model can also be equipped with our 4,000 ft/lb. auger motor and 3,000 lb. winch assembly. Mobilization is a breeze when traveling through populated areas to your jobsite!

PowerProbe rigs can be custom-built to fit your specific needs! A variety of geotechnical options (Single & Dual Point Anchoring System (CPT), and Cat Head Assembly (SPT), CPT, CPTu, and Seismic CPT) and accessories are available so you can configure the unit to your liking.


    Some Standard Features:

      Long lasting powder-coated finish

      Aluminum power track

      Adjustable mast for angled drilling

      80 in. mast stroke to run 5 ft. direct push tooling

      Tooling vise

      Ergonomic control panel with more controls and a pivot-put-away option


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