9100 Series

9110-LAP & 9110-Power Unit

The 9110-Limited Access Probe (LAP) is a portable direct push rig, designed for use in confined spaces or buildings where a vehicle-mounted probe can't go.


      Very portable

      Operated with an auxiliary hydraulic hook-up kit

      Optional mobile hydraulic power unit


The 9120-Remote Access Probe (RAP) is an improved design that allows users to operate a utility terrain vehicle where remote jobsites are demanded.


      Small footprint

      Quick detach

      Compatible with UTV


The 9120-Skid Loader (SK) is our most portable and maneuverable track system, without sacrificing power or performance.


      Great maneuverability

      Perfect for various soil conditions

      Quick detach


The 9130-Versatile Track Rig (VTR) is the newest track model that provides two power source options, diesel, or propane.


      Relatively small

      Remote control capability

      Small footprint