Drillers looking to mount a mid-sized direct push rig with hollow stem augering and geotechnical capabilities on a pick-up truck choose the 9410-D. This rig mirrors the 9410-VTR, but it’s in a more mobile format. If jobsites are several miles away from one another or if you are trying to navigate around a populated area, this rig has your name all over it. This model is also popular if a lot of road work sites are demanded. There is also plenty of tooling storage available! 
PowerProbe rigs can be custom-built to fit your specific needs! A variety of additional upgrade options and accessories are available so you can configure the unit to your liking.


    Some Standard Features:

      Long lasting powder-coated finish

      Aluminum power track

      Adjustable mast for angled drilling

      72 in. mast stroke to run 5 ft. direct push tooling

      Tooling storage

     • Ditch-side control panel


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