9500 Series


The 9520-Skid Loader (SK) is equipped with plenty of power and solid means of transportation.


      Hollow stem auger capability

      Considerable maneuverability

      Two auger drive head options


The 9520-Versatile Track Rig (VTR) can be used in most environmental and geotechnical applications. 


      Can be used for various applications

      Powerful drilling rig

      Improved fuel economy and emissions


The 9520-Diesel (D) is ideal for road or parking lot job sites where extensive travel is required.


      Convenient mobilization

      Popular in cities

      Fuel-efficient transport


The 9520-Versatile Track Rig (VTR) is our largest rig to date with exceptional options that will meet your drilling needs.


      Extremely powerful

      Great for various working conditions

      Hydraulic tooling rack