Drillers who are after a mid-sized direct push rig with hollow stem augering and geotechnical capabilities choose the 9410-VTR. Accessing areas 56 in. wide, this rig maintains great augering power at 3,000 ft/lbs. Fully loaded with all options (winch, standard penetration test hammer, direct push hammer, and auger motor), it has a surface load of roughly 5.6 psi, which allows for many options in a small area. The hydraulic system is load sensed to allow for better operating efficiency and fuel economy. The front blade tool tote with a sample prep tray allows for in the field processing of samples. Added tool storage is also incorporated so everything can be transported from drill location to drill location.
PowerProbe rigs can be custom-built to fit your specific needs! A variety of additional upgrade options and accessories are available so you can configure the unit to your liking.


    Some Standard Features:

      Long lasting powder-coated finish

      Aluminum power track

      Adjustable mast for angled drilling

      72 in. mast stroke to run 5 ft. direct push tooling

      Tooling storage

      Pendant remote with 15 ft. cord


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