Application and Tooling

Application and Tooling

AMS PowerProbes and direct push tooling are designed for environmental sampling and monitoring of soil, soil gas, and groundwater. They are also used for remediation investigation and various geotechnical activities. Some rigs also have hollowstem augering capabilities which provide more versatility in the field by allowing for penetration to deeper depths and the ability to conduct direct push activities telescopically through the hollowstem auger.


The versatility of AMS direct push tooling provides investigators with a variety of soil investigation options that are effective in sand, tight silt, swelling clay, and small gravels from the ground surface to depths ranging beyond 100 feet below ground surface, depending on lithology. Direct push tooling also minimizes surface and subsurface disturbance by creating only small diameter bore holes. It is the primary method used for installation of small diameter prepacked screen monitoring wells, and also provides quick collection of samples from confirmation borings for site closure.

About Direct Push

Direct Push Drilling Technology allows for a wide variety of direct push tooling and instrumentation to be advanced into a subsurface lithology using the static weight of the rig, hydraulic down pressure, and rapid hydraulic hammering.


Direct Push Tooling is used to perform soil, soil gas, and groundwater sampling. It is also used for soil remediation, and geotechnical sampling and testing. Many AMS PowerProbe direct push drill rigs also have hollowstem augering capabilities.


Compared to conventional drilling, direct push drilling is less labor intensive, offers quicker setup time, and generates less drill cuttings. Direct push tooling is also easier to decontaminate and maintain.


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Soil Sampling

Direct push tooling is highly effective in most unconsolidated lithologies, including sand, soft clay, tight silt, swelling clay, heaving sand, and gravel.

Soil Gas Sampling & Monitoring

Soil gas sampling and monitoring with direct push methods are commonly used with soil gas surveys for the investigation of volatile organic compounds.


AMS offers soil gas sampling systems with several options to allow sampling for a wide variety of regulatory and standard procedures.


To learn more about soil gas sampling and monitoring with direct push technology, please contact AMS.

Groundwater Sampling and Monitoring

AMS groundwater samplers are often used for the initial site investigation because of the ability to rapidly sample a large number of locations, and to collect representative samples of all contaminants.


Small diameter groundwater monitoring wells are installed by direct push. Our kits provide everything needed for quick and successful installation.


To learn more about groundwater monitoring well installation, please contact AMS.

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Dependent on your preference, job site requirements, and soil conditions, AMS can provide the correct tooling to accomplish your remediation tasks.


To learn more about Soil and Groundwater Remediation tasks our tooling can help you with, please contact AMS.

Geotechnical Sampling and Testing

Direct push can be a cost-effective, time saving, and a technically accurate means of drilling, sample collection, and testing. Split-Spoon and Shelby Tube samplers are popular options for geotechnical testing and sampling. This drilling method has been used for over 10 years and, according to the EPA in 2003, is accepted in all 50 states for RCRA, CERCLA, UST, and Brownfield site assessments and investigations. Geotechnical Sampling and/or testing for remedial investigations or construction-related projects can be conducted with direct push to depths over 100ft. For geotechnical testing from the ground surface to approximately 10ft, a variety of hand-held equipment can be used in conjunction with direct push or independently, depending on situation and scope of work. Geotechnical sampling and testing can also be used for various environmental applications.


To learn more about the Geotechnical Sampling and Testing our tooling can help you with, please contact AMS.

Hollowstem Augering

AMS hollowstem augers give the field user the ability to auger through difficult lithologies, including hardpan, resulting in less need for multiple drill rigs for complicated field situations. They are ideal for drilling boreholes for lithologic description, sample collection for chemical analysis, and conventional groundwater monitoring well installation. The ability to hollowstem auger gives the AMS PowerProbe more versatility in the field, via penetration of deeper depths and the ability to conduct direct push activities, telescopically, through the hollowstem auger itself. All double-key hollowstem augers feature a continuous hard-faced flighting design, 3/8" thick on the outer edge, with a dual bolt connection.


With the auger serving as a casing, hollowstem augering is generally used as a tool to assist in the sampling process. Most AMS PowerProbes can perform both hollowstem augering and direct push.


To learn more about the hollowstem augering, please contact AMS.

Power Probe Tooling Accessories

PowerProbe Tooling Accessories include: Extension Holders, Fishing Tools, Disposable Soil Samplers, Vacuum Pumps, Cleaning Tools, Concrete and Asphalt Tooling, Fluoropolymer Tubing, Polyethylene Tubing, Silicone Tubing, Pipe Elevators, and more.


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