Gas Vapor Probe Dedicated Tip & Fluoropolymer Umbrella

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Gas Vapor Probe Dedicated Tips are installed as long-term sampling points or left in the ground as expendable points. They are used for detecting hydrocarbon spills, underground storage tank and pipe leakages, landfill contamination, and hazardous waste sites. Soil gas monitoring with the Dedicated Gas Vapor Tip is easily accomplished using a Slide Hammer or Electric Rotary Hammer Drill with GVP Drive Extensions, and an Extension Drive Adapter.

The unique design of the Gas Vapor Probe Dedicated Tip and accompanying Fluoropolymer Umbrella ensures an easy passage for the soil gas to enter the collection system. The umbrella is folded before inserting it into the end of the Gas Vapor Probe Tip Drive End. Once the sampling point is reached, the Drive Extension string is retracted – allowing the tip to fall out and the umbrella to unfold. The umbrella assists in keeping the tip vapor inlets free of soil. The optional screen may also be used, particularly in fine grained soils or when sampling groundwater. The vapor inlet holes of the dedicated tips are slightly recessed and are protected by the GVP Drive End to prevent them from becoming clogged during installation. These tips include the 300 series stainless steel Dedicated GVP Tip and Fluoropolymer Umbrella. The screen is sold separately.


Replacement Parts:

  • #212.00 - (1) Fluoropolymer Umbrella
  • #212.05 - (1) Gas Vapor Probe Dedicated Tip Screen #50 Mesh
  • #214.09 - (1) 5/8" National Fine Gas Vapor Probe Tip Drive End


  • #214.98 - (1) 3/16" ID X 1/4" OD X 50' Fluoropolymer Tubing
  • #214.99 - (1) 3/16" ID X 1/4" OD X 100' Fluoropolymer Tubing
  • #215.00 - (1) 3/16" ID X 1/4" OD X 250' Fluoropolymer Tubing
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