3-1/4" Deluxe Fiberglass Auger Kit, Signature Series

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Give yourself some protection against possible electric shock when working in areas where buried electric cables may be present!

The 3-1/4" Deluxe Fiberglass Auger Kit features our trusted Signature Series threaded connection, which requires only 2-1/2 revolutions to connect and disconnect. Additionally, our 36" Two-Piece Tile Probe, equipped with a rounded safety tip, is specifically designed to locate underground pipes, tanks, and utility lines. It is highly recommended to use the tile probe as a preliminary tool to assess the safety of using a hand auger at your job site.

The two (2) 4' Fiberglass Extensions with zinc plated Signature Series threaded fittings are sealed with a non-conductive coating, offering moisture resistance and prevention of fiberglass bloom or splintering. The Signature Series threaded regular and mud auger provide versatility in different soil conditions. The convenient 18" Rubber-Coated Cross Handle ensures operator comfort during augering, and the durable 4' Poly-Canvas Case (Black) provides ultimate tooling protection during transportation.

Note: It is important to exercise caution when using fiberglass extensions, as they cannot absorb the same amount of torque that standard steel extensions can. Failure to recognize this will result in fiberglass bloom and splintering.

Achievable depth is dependent on soil conditions.


Kit Includes: 

  • #350.06 - (1) 3-1/4" Regular Auger, Signature Series
  • #350.18 - (1) 3-1/4" Mud Auger, Signature Series
  • #402.93 - (1) 36" Two-Piece Tile Probe
  • #409.38 - (2) 4' Fiberglass Extension, Signature Series 
  • #351.54 - (1) 18" Rubber-Coated Cross Handle, Signature Series
  • #430.32 - (1) 4' Signature Series Poly-Canvas Equipment Case
  • #21150 - (1) Insulated Leather Gloves (XL)


  • #351.56 - (1) 18" Ratcheting Cross Handle, Signature Series
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Connection Type:
Signature Series Thread
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