4" Edelman Sand Auger, Signature Series

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Edelman sand augers are designed with broad blades that allow them to retain excellent samples from non-cohesive, sandy soils.

Edelman augers are widely used for the study of soil composition, soil profiling, and soil mapping. They feature a screw-like point at the base of the auger that enters into the soil as you push and turn the auger clockwise. The soil sample is guided into the auger by two vaulted vertical cutting blades. The vaulted design promotes soil digging and ensures a firm hold of the sample in the auger.

The drilling bits made of untreated steel to avoid contamination of collected soil samples. There are four types of Edelman augers: Combination, Clay, Sand, and Coarse Sand. The Edelman combination auger is the most commonly used, but the auger type should be chosen with respect to the soil conditions in order to achieve optimal results.

Please make sure any AMS samplers you intend to use together share a common connection type.

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Connection Type:
Signature Series Thread
Auger Model:
Edelman Sand
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