Russian Sediment/Peat Borer Complete Kit, Hex Quick Pin

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Russian Sediment/Peat Borer Complete Kit, Hex Quick Pin!

  • Palaeoecological analysis of bog and salt marshes
  • Collection of uncompressed cores in poorly decomposed woody peat
  • Shallow water applications


The Russian Peat Borer (6 cm X 50 cm) is a side filling chambered-type sampler. This discrete point sampler enables one to drive the sampler to any point in the sediment profile in the closed (empty) position. Once the target depth is reached, the cross handle is turned clockwise to initiate the sampling while the pivoting cutting plate supports the cutting action of the borer. As the sampler is turned 180 degrees, the sharpened edge of the borer tube longitudinally cuts a semi-cylindrical shaped sample until the opposite side of the cutting plate is contacted. The contained sample can now be recovered without risk of contamination by overlying sediments. The sample is extruded from the borer by a counterclockwise rotation where the sample rests on the cutting plate ready for sectioning.


Kit weighs 50lbs!


Kit Includes:

  • #58504 - (1) 18" Rubber-Coated Cross Handle, Hex Quick Pin
  • #58505 - (2) 4' Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Extension, Hex Quick Pin
  • #64670 - (1) Russian Borer (Sampler Head Only), Hex Quick Pin
  • #430.24 - (1) Deluxe Russian Sediment/Peat Borer Equipment Case
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Hex Quick Pin
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