Vertek Smart DCP

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The Vertek Smart DCP makes collecting data with the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer easier by automatically counting blows and eliminating the need for tape, pencils, and paper. This innovative new product promises to reduce the manpower required to collect soil behavior data, while also improving accuracy and simplifying field logistics.

The system achieves this by:

  • Automatically counting blows
  • Recording the change in depth with each blow
  • Tracking the total depth of the probe
  • Recording data on Apple iOS and Android smart devices via Bluetooth
  • Eliminating the need for tape, pencil, and paper
  • Transferring data via e-mail or USB from the smart device
  • Desktop application to organize and plot raw data

The app is free and available through the iOS App or Google Play Store on your personal smartphone. The app and hardware combination makes the Dual Mass DCP Kit automated and will provide you and your client better field results, along with cost savings. With the Dual Mass DCP Kit, we also offer additional extension rods for deeper investigations. The Vertek Smart DCP is protected under U.S. Patents, No. 7,617,718, No. 8,033,163, and No. 8,485,024.

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