25 lb. Stainless Steel Bottom Dredge

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  • 25 lb. Stainless Steel Bottom Dredge
  • 25 lb. Stainless Steel Bottom Dredge
  • 25 lb. Stainless Steel Bottom Dredge


Bottom Dredges are primarily used to sample sand and silt but can be used to sample most types of non-cohesive material, except hard-packed clay. The 25 lb. bottom dredge will sink faster and push deeper into sediments. Nominal bucket dimensions are 9in wide X 4.5in height X 6in deep (circular shaped). Sampler body and jaws are made of 300 series stainless steel. Sampler arms are made of powder-coated carbon steel.

The top of the sampling chambers are screened to allow water to flow through during deployment which will reduce displacement and shock wave effects that may cause sample loss. A two-way mechanism prevents accidental closure while the dredge is dropping. The impact of the dredge on the bottom surface triggers the spring-loaded release mechanism to close the sampler. One of the jaws is fitted with an under lip to displace stones or gravel during closure. After closure, the dredge is pulled up to retrieve the sample. Careful release will distribute the sample approximately as it appeared on the bottom, making sediment profile description possible.


Replacement Parts:

  • #51076 - (1) Dredge Lock Pin Assembly


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