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HydraGO FLEX represents the most advanced portable soil sensor system. Simply insert the probe into the soil, and tap on the “Sample” button in the HydraGO app. The HydraGO FLEX communicates wirelessly with your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth. The HydraGO App works with the HydraGO FLEX and is available for both Android and iOS. The customizable display can show the measurement parameters including; soil moisture content, temperature, conductivity, pore water EC, GPS, and dielectric permittivities on-screen for immediate viewing. The GPS location, date and time of each measurement is recorded along with the soil measurement data. All data can be saved and emailed as a .CSV file for analysis in Excel. Field notes and customizable locations can also be added and exported to the data set.

The HydraGO FLEX system features a rugged, Delran housing that contains a rechargeable battery. The internal battery will last for long field sessions with repeated and frequent data samplings. It has a detachable cabled probe that can be buried and left in the field. The cabled probe allows the user to collect data down a narrow-augured bore hole. The HydraGO FLEX comes with a fanny pack and brush for easy on-the-go measurements.

The HydraGO FLEX utilizes the HydraProbe Soil Sensor technology for the soil measurements. The HydraProbe is an impedance-based sensor that fully characterizes the radio frequency energy distribution of a standing wave in the soil measuring both the real and “imaginary” dielectric permittivities. This provides excellent accuracy and precision of the soil measurements across a wide range of soil types.

Kit Includes:

  • #70047 - (1) HydraGO FLEX Probe
  • App
  • Carrying Case
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