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Take soil measurements anywhere for those applications not requiring a permanent soil monitoring system. Your Apple or Android device communicates wirelessly with the HydraGO using bluetooth.

Simply insert the probe into the soil, and tap the “Sample” button in the HydraMon app. The app will display soil moisture content, temperature, conductivity, and dielectric permittivity on-screen for immediate viewing. The date and time of each measurement is recorded along with the soil measurement data and the GPS location measured by your smartphone’s GPS receiver.

All data can be saved and emailed as a .CSV file for analysis in Excel. Notes and location names can be added to the data records.

The HydraGO features a rugged, engineered resin housing that contains a rechargeable battery good for a full day’s heavy use. It comes with a detachable ergonomic pole so it can be inserted without bending over.

The HydraGO has a probe on the end of a shaft for easy surface measurements. It includes 4 segments so that the size can be adjusted from 25 to 84 cm (10 to 33 inches).


Kit Includes:

  • #70047 - (1) HydraGO FLEX Probe
  • App
  • Extendable Staff
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