Pocket Vane Shear Test Kit

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Easy to use with easy-to-read results!

Our Pocket Vane Shear Test Kit provides a quick and efficient method for measuring the undrained shear strength of saturated, fine-grained, cohesive soils, both in the field and in the laboratory. With this Torvane, simply measure shear strength on the ends of sample tubes, the surface of block samples or excavations, or other test specimens with rigid confinement. To operate, press the blades of the vane into the soil and slowly rotate the knob until the soil matrix fails. The indicator needle on the dial retains maximum reading, providing you with valuable information about the shear strength of the soil.

  • Standard Vane (0 to 1 kg/cm²): Use with saturated cohesive soils
  • Small Vane (2.5 kg/cm²): Use with stiffer clay soils
  • Large Vane (0.2 kg/cm²): Use with remolded soils



  • Calibrated dial converts torque directly into shear stress in kg/cm²
  • Durable metal vanes built for longevity


  • Carrying Belt Pouch
  • Allen Wrench
  • Three Vanes
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