2" X 2" Soil Core Sampler Complete, 5/8" Thread

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Soil Core Samplers are used to collect virtually undisturbed soil samples for soil profiling and environmental investigations. Core samples may be collected at the surface or from the bottom of a pre-augered borehole. Samples may be collected into Plastic, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Brass Liners, or directly into the body of a Soil Core Sampler for immediate examination of the sample.


Soil Core Sampler Application:

  • Insert a suitable liner if necessary.
  • Thread the Sampler Cap and Sampler Cup together and tighten.
  • Attach your Extension to the Sampler Cap.
  • Attach a Cross Handle or Slide Hammer to the Extension and tighten.
  • To collect a sample using a Cross Handle, twist the Cross Handle clockwise while pressing down. If using a Slide Hammer, raise the Slide Hammer and allow it to fall to drive the sampler into the soil. Remove the sampler by pulling up on the handle, or by reverse hammering.
  • Disconnect the sampler from the Extension. Keeping the sampler vertical, remove the Sampler Cap.
    If using a liner, remove the liner and push your Plastic End Caps onto each end of the liner.
  • Clean the sampler and ensure that all soil particles are removed from the threads. Use a Cleaning Brush if necessary.


Replacement Parts:

  • #404.36 - (1) 2" Soil Core Sampler Cap, 5/8" Thread
  • #404.32 - (1) 2" X 2" Soil Core Sampler Cup
  • #404.18 - (1) 2" X 2" Plastic Liner
  • #418.10 - (2) 2" Plastic End Cap
  • #400.99 - (1) Regular Slide Hammer, 5/8" Thread


  • #406.04 - (1) 18" Rubber-Coated Cross Handle, 5/8" Thread
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Connection Type:
5/8" Thread
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