Sub-Slab Gas Vapor Probe Tamper-Resistant Kit

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Sub-Slab Gas Vapor Probe Kits are used to sample for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) beneath floor slabs during vapor intrusion investigations. Sub-Slab Kits provide a semi-permanent probe that allows for repeated sampling over time in order to assess the potential of contaminated vapor intrusion beneath the floor slab of a building.

The Sub-Slab GVP Tamper-Resistant Kit includes all of the components that the Sub-Slab GVP Basic Kit would, but it does have a screw-in top cap that will help prevent vandalism or other unwanted use of the sampling point.

Technical Data Sheet


Kit weighs 2lbs!


Kit Includes:

  • #21008 - (1) 3" Stainless Steel Implant, 1/4" SS Compression
  • #52953 - (1) Sub-Slab Tube Plug (FEP)
  • #13460 - (1) Female Connector SS-400-7-4
  • #13462 - (1) Plug HH-1/4 NPT
  • #13463 - (1) Stainless Steel Hose Barb Adapter SS-4-HC-1-4
  • #52952 - (1) 1/4" X 12" Sub-Slab Stainless Steel Vapor Shaft Tube
  • #56958 - (1) Sub-Slab Gas Vapor Probe Tamper-Resistant Top Cap
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