2-1/4" X 8" Stainless Steel Soil Recovery Auger Complete, Hex Quick Pin

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Soil Recovery Augers (SRAs) are newly improved and NOW offered in our Hex Quick Pin connection!

Introducing the ultimate multi-tool for soil sampling - the SRA! Equipped with a stainless steel cylinder body, hollow and solid-vented caps, plastic liner, two (2) plastic end caps, and a slip wrench, SRAs make collecting disturbed core samples into a liner a breeze.

To collect a disturbed core sample, simply secure the hollow cap to the cylinder body and create a borehole to access a discrete sampling point. Once you reach your desired depth, insert a liner into the cylinder body, secure the solid-vented cap, and collect your sample. With the SRA's solid-vented cap, you can keep caving materials from entering the core sample.

Don't forget - AMS also offers core and split-core samplers, as well as disposable core samplers that allow for field extraction, extrusion, and preservation.


Included Parts:

  • #64660 - (1) 2-1/4" Soil Recovery Auger Solid Cap, Hex Quick Pin
  • #64662 - (1) 2-1/4" Soil Recovery Auger Hollow Cap, Hex Quick Pin
  • #421.24 - (1) 2-1/4" X 8" Stainless Steel Soil Recovery Auger Cylinder Body
  • #422.03 - (1) 2" X 8" Plastic Liner
  • #418.10 - (2) 2" Plastic End Cap
  • #421.29 - (1) Universal Slip Wrench
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Connection Type:
Hex Quick Pin
Stainless Steel
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